Saturday, May 21, 2011

"You're All Dead!


That is if the end of the world happened on schedule. Apparently gawd has had enuff of our annoying shit, and is pulling the plug. At least that's what the gawd fearing are fearing.

Today is 'the' frigging day so go out, and have a good time since knowing the sort that follow my stuff there's no way the Rapture is taking you anywhere, but HELL!!

Me I'm going out to smash windows eat ice cream, and paint happy Queer Choir Boys banging each other on the Church house doors! That should make the priests happy.

Heck that'll make 'me' happy as Hell!!!

A crappy movie version of the swell Constantine Comixs.


Bodmin said...

Nothing happened.

Over the last couple weeks I've noted that it is the secular media and the screeching atheists who seem to have gotten their knickers in a twist over this. Don't know of a single Christian of any stripe in my acquaintance, not the God-loves-me because I am a white-middle-class-hetero sort, or the folks who have been extra busy at the food pantry and hot meal programme as the end of the month approaches, who paid it any mind at all.

Anonymous said...

But Ed has been surprisingly quiet. Maybe he was quietly raptured into heaven? Until we do an actual head count, we will never know for sure.

Uncle Sydney 2012 said...

...on the other hand maybe the "END" did happen, and this is 'my' Hell. You guys are my Demons, and I'm stuck here till the Big Guy gets around to my case in a few thousand years.

I think I need a Drink,..several.

..does Jack Daniel's issue credit cards?

Anonymous said...

Go to my new page new site. I'm locked out on this one,...who knows how or why.

Still go here.

You can link to it from Angel Dreams. It's called the Holy Sydneyland Empire,...cute huh?

Click on Citizen X that will take you to Angel Dreams. From there you can get to my Empire.