Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Radio in Hell"

Check out the links on left, under the clock, of my radio programs. The most recent on the morning of the End of the World. It starts with the end of the show ahead of mine a "psa" commercial, and then I show up with all my noise.

I'll post them as I do them.

Btw the mp3's may have the archive station i.d. loop for a few seconds before some of the shows. Also I think one of 'em has a few minutes of some other show at the beginning as well. Who knows how the hell that that happened.

I'm on two or three times a month plus specials or guest host gigs. My real job is just studio engineering. I'm forced to put morons, and assorted fanatics on the air, and make them sound sentient.

Anyway I'll put my shows up as they're b'cast. I always meant to to this, but over the years just never got around to it. ...go figure.

Below is a video of the famous or infamous alleged recording made by a Siberian scientific team back in 1960. They drilled down 14 kilometers (?!), and apparently found Hell. Well that or at least the local franchise.

Does this mean that if I go to the top of the Empire State Building I'll hear Heaven? If I did what would it sound like? I mean besides all the Pat Boone music.


Sion said...

Mmmmm...It sounds to me very like Prime Minister's Question Time in the British parliament...

Uncle Sydney 2012 said...

Actually I was just told by a pal that it's from the sdtk of some 1970's horror movie.

...but then that might be a cover story by the demons to blind us to the horrifying truth!

Uncle Sydney 2012 said...

Btw how do you like the edgier look.

Sion said...

It's certainly edgy - and it fits the Doomsday-End-of-the-World scenario which you have been posting a lot of.
But as the world didn't end on schedule yesterday, maybe it's out of date? Or will you keep it to see how things crumble in 2012?

Anonymous said...

Go to my new page new site. I'm locked out on this one,...who knows how or why.

Still go here.

You can link to it from Angel Dreams. It's called the Holy Sydneyland Empire,...cute huh?

Click on Citizen X that will take you to Angel Dreams. From there you can get to my Empire.