Saturday, May 14, 2011

"...and they are up there to this day."

The Slingshot ride was opened a few weeks ago at Coney Island. It's a tad scarier than most supposed. What with being shot two hundred feet into the air with no clear means of getting down.

Even I might think twice about this one.

Btw did you hear that McDonalds just hired 60,000 folks over a few days. That's more than the U.S. government has hired in two years. Unfortunately they ain't living wage gigs at the burger empire. Annual salary comes in at just below the poverty level. ...after taxes.

Btw taxes can take anywhere from a third to a quarter of a working person's wage. Corporations some of them pay 0%.

Oh did I mention that 900,000 desperate some experienced, and highly educated people showed up for those 60k menial jobs. Ya gotta figure that for everyone that showed up there was a few that couldn't make it or had given up. So I figure say 2 1/2 to 3 million 'wanted' one of them dead end jobs.

Unofficial unemployment still lurks around 20%+ tho' the Feds only admit to maybe 7 or 8%. They say numbers talk. Well these scream in agony.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it's the famous Susan from Brooklyn, I intend to be sentimental, well-intentined and truthful.. I sent R. Paul a text message stating I no longer need his help regarding my computer. I'll just hire a real geek, excepte they are so geeky. I also saw that he too is ill and doesn't require my inane bullshit. Sharon looks as beaqutiful as ever. And seeing you in that recliner well, roar, if only I had a penis for one day. Thnak all of you for hours upon of laughter, tears, joys, deaths, homelessness and last but not least the rat puppet theater. When I had the money I shared it becasue it gave me such great joy to be able to participate in this experiment called BAI, /as I said to R.Paul, I respect fewer men as i grow older, but you, like RPaul are maen among men. I aint talking sexuality here. You guys would have the back of someone you loved. I know it. I admire it. Thank you for all the swell times and tell R.Paul to leave me the fuck alone. Susie Creamschhes

Uncle Sydney 2012 said...

Hi Susan glad to hear from you it's been too long. Thanks for your friendship, and being a loyal listener, and supporter of what's left of that old radio station.

Btw you still have your title from when we used to have an independent Royal Republic in cyber space. So "Lady Susan" I'm glad you're still in our realm!

Zaek said...

Due to a computer crash I'm on an ancient computer and my posts haven't been going through. I hope this other browswer does the trick, despite its great antiquity.

Has RuPaul or Ron Paul been acting like that French banking choochie Dominique Strauss Kahn? Shame on him!

Zaek said...

Well fucking finally!

I'm also profoundly grateful it's somebody else on that Slingshot thing and not me.