Monday, May 9, 2011


Be back in a few daze.


Uncle Sydney 2012 said...

Loss, and grieving is a weird thing. It slams you in the face at unexpected times.

Recent losses among family, and friends are ganging up on me. Why now,..who knows, but it is.

So I'm going to chill for a bit.

On the up side I dreamt of my dog last night. She's gone 40 years, but still apparently running around in the back of my soul somewhere.

Dogs 'do' go to Heaven.

Uncle Sydney 2012 said...

...of course I'm trolling for sympathy.

Tossing in the bit about my dog is bound to bring a tear to a few eyes.

Anonymous said...

|\ _.-'~~""'~`'~)
/, ~-,__,,,.'~ ,-;;--''
|,4) ./ ' ; ;/'
'-~~;'@ ( ; ;
_.--'' _.-_..' .;.'
(,_..----''' (,..--''

Anonymous said...

Hey Sid, I hope you get your spirits in high gear again.

One of the things that gets me pissed off is when you get on your high horse defending people at BAI such as that scumbag bitch, who wrecked the place, Utrice Leid.

The staff there at the station make a sacred blood oath vow to never talk about each other, and maybe that's OK for you, but we the public who have been supporters of BAI in the past can say whatever the fuck we please. It was because of that bitch that you lost a lot of your support at the station. After that fiasco, everyone I know never gave another cent to BAI.

And that's as polite as I can be.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sid:

I don't know squat about BAI, but I do know how it feels when the walls begin to close in around you.

Your dream about your dog hit me. I have cats now, but from the timte I was 4 until 12 I had a pet cocker spaniel, Winky, whon was my confidant, best buddy and secret keeper.

He died getting too close trying to read the hubcap on a moving car and I was devastated. I know hopw it is...pets are family too.

Take your time and do what you need to get your head back on straight. You will be in my thoughts, and for what they are worth to you, my prayers.

Take care,

Mr. Chips

Anonymous said...

I'll fall for it.

My last dog has been dead for years now and I still dream of him.

Get out in the sun, breathe, relax.