Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Merry Christmas!"

Eh, let me get back to you on this. I'm kind'a unstuck in time. Must be my meds.

I tell ya comrades sometimes I don't know if I should scream at the top of my lungs, weep like busted hydrant, rage like a betrayed Obama supporter or just stand mute for hours.

Okay it's the latter. Scary demented Silence.

So many losses so much bullshit, and assorted life crap. A terrible soporific bleariness has me in it's paws. Our times make no sense nor does my life in it. I feel like climbing the Chrysler Building in a skin tight Cat Woman suit covered with blinking l-e-d's.

Maybe a mini sound system playing Ginsberg's 1958 reading of Howl could be padded into my costume. In the cat ears perhaps. Yeah this weird action might pass the time for a while.

On the bright side Aftra, and Sag have finally merged. ...mostly

Sag which traditionally has balked at letting the great unwashed of Aftra through their pearly gates has voted unanimously for this hot'n greasy deal.

Members of The American Federation of Television, and Radio Artists,...that's me. My offical stage name being "Uncle Sydney". Anyway now we're all gleeful Butt Buddies with the Screen Actors Guild.

'Means I can get more work

So though I'm inches from snorting 12 kilos of Colombian White just to see what happens I'm satisfied this is finally resolved.

Stay Tuned.

Humm, I might have to let the costume out a bit, but yeah it's just the thing for my climb.


Zaek said...

You're really lucky Sidney to be in that union. Just imagine - you and Tom Cruise sharing the same reps. My dad was in show biz, but he never got union status: it's not so easy to obtain in Tinseltown. Don't get the snorty-snow, though. Remember you've got to invest in shotgun shells and beans.

I think I can make a little bit of sense of our times. Basically we've blown our wad and are now in a state of irreversible economic decline which will continue and accelerate. Obama's problem is he's trying to do things the old way - trying to get us back on a path of growth. That won't work because there ain't gonna be no growth. That's over. It's all about managing contraction now. The smart move would be to start practicing conservation in a big way, in terms of energy and other resources. But that almost certainly won't happen any time soon because the growth paradigm is still strong and our leaders will continue to ignore reality until they can't.

I'm afraid our countrypeople in their increasing desperation may soon choose some seriously bad leaders, a la Palin or Trump, who are batshit crazy and will make us wish we had Obama back again. There will be bumps and troughs, but the general trend will be the one we're already on, toward the bottom of Hubbert's Peak. We're in for a rough ride.

Zaek said...

P.S. - not too sure about the Cat Woman outfit. But good footwear is important, including some nice slippers. Maybe a Cat Woman outfit for Barbie..? As for the headphones - people tuning into electronic devices that make them three quarters absent from wherever they happen to be physically located seems to me like one of our problems just now.