Sunday, May 22, 2011

"American Gods"

Our Gods, our living, and secular Gods are real. They don't live in the sky or faraway heavens. They have zip codes, and mail drops.

...they answer our prayers too!


Bodmin said...

Sorry to break the news, but that photo you got in response to your prayer was autosigned...
Gods do that a lot.

Uncle Sydney 2012 said...

Well that's understandable. Even 'I' an entry level celeb don't have time for 'all' my fans.

So ya can hardly blame Saint Marilyn for mechanical aids.

(..and remember She 'did' answer, unlike other deities I could mention, She did answer my humble request for Her likeness.)

As I sez secular gawds are far more useful, and fun than them deranged folks up in the sky.

For heavens sakes in my line of business I even runs into them from time to time. They're nuts the lot of them.

Yep we likes our Gods mad! ...and accessible sort of like them Greek guys had.

Anonymous said...

But our fellow brother, ED, holds firm to SKYGODS. Where the hell is ED? How do we know he wasn't raptured to heaven? Someone said they they found his clothes neatly folded in the pew he sits in at church. I'm laying bets that he's sitting at the right hand of Jesus right this minute and trying hard to protect the Virgin Mary from any more illicit intrusions by the Holy Spirit descending on her.

Anonymous said...

Go to my new page new site. I'm locked out on this one,...who knows how or why.

Still go here.

You can link to it from Angel Dreams. It's called the Holy Sydneyland Empire,...cute huh?

Click on Citizen X that will take you to Angel Dreams. From there you can get to my Empire.