Monday, May 2, 2011

"Now What?"


Zaek said...

Now the United States, having vanquished its dreadful foe, rolls majestically forward into an age of unprecedented prosperity and global dominion!

Oops, time warp. That script is from 65 years ago.

Now the United States, having blown its imperial wad, sinks into an age of as-yet-undreamt-of ruin from which it can never arise.

Feel free to rewrite as you see fit. This is a work in progress.

Chanon said...

Wishful thinking "zeak"?

Anonymous said...

No, Zaek is a realist.
We're on an accelerating downward slope and have long since passed "the tipping point".
Actually all of the Western world is, and then the rest will follow as day follows night.

Zaek said...

I wish I could be stoned all the time. That way the accelerating downward slope mired with gore and ruin might seem like a fun toboggan ride.

"...and then the rest will follow..."

An interesting thought, and likely to prove true. I suppose China will wind up on top for a while, but eventually will find that the top is no longer a very lofty place - more of a bog really.

I want a boat I can sail away in. Either that or a hobbit house where I can stay stoned all the time and pull up my taters when I'm feeling peckish.

Uncle Sydney 2012 said...

Gore Vidal sez when we settle down into our new nitch.

...somewhere between Brazil, and Swaziland.

When this happy day arrives he thinks maybe we'll become the proper, and modest Republic we were supposed to be all along.

Which is to say that without the corrupting influences of an Empire to run we may at last
take our institutions, and nobler traditions seriously.

Zaek said...

I sure hope ol' Gore is right. The notion of the many dwellers in future American shantytowns comporting themselves in a manner Tom Paine would have approved of seems a bit hard to believe just now, but if Vidal can believe it then one can at least contemplate the possibility.