Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Bate'n Switch"

Okay so they won't show us the shot up remains of the Joker, I mean Lex Luthor, the Riddler? Well anyway 'that guy'. Seems they think this'll piss off the rest of the super villains, and they'll come, and shoot Congress with they're super atomic stupid ray!

Actually a bit late for that.

Well as a consolation prize behind door number three we gots this swell item. Actual for real space alien footage! 'Knew you'd like this. Anyway the Feds have a bunch'a these saucer guys stashed around the desert out west some where.

Ugly bastard.

I hear he votes Republican too.


Uncle Sydney 2012 said...

Aw yeah this looks real as hell. Nope not fake at all. It's as real as all them dead Osama snaps filling up the 'net.

Zaek said...

I've seen the Osama snap, real or fake. It's a major gross-out and I didn't download it, despite the (possible) historical significance. It's sorta like seeing Mussolini hanging from a piano wire - I'd rather not.

Uncle Sydney 2012 said...

It's a fake.

I've seen the "How To" make a dead Osama pix tutorial.

Take two images from a particular interview crop elements of both out of it, adjust the angle, add the gore, insert several new background elements, and there there ya has it.

Almost as much fun as making fake UFO pixs.

Bodmin said...

Hey, youse guys, chill out. World gonna end two weeks from Saturday, 21 May, anyway. There's a big billboard along the BQE that seyz so! Like, you cant believe any shit the gov'ment or the media seyz, but, man, did a billboard on the BQE ever lie to you?