Monday, May 23, 2011

"This Shit's for REAL!"

Tornado's, and floods have been tearing the interior of our country to pieces all spring. This ain't nothing. Joplin just got hit. ...see image. Blasted to bits!

The climate has gone nuts.

No wonder folks think their g-d's are pissed, and raising hell.


Anonymous said...

I can't think of anyplace more deserving of getting destroyed that these states the twisters are roaring though. I say Hallelujah and Amen.

Karma Kat said...

Gotta agree!

If any of these guys knew we read these blogs they would calling for our death! The hell with em.
Let em all drop dead and the sooner the better. I can only hope more and bigger twisters sweep through the whole area. Take the whole states of Alabama, Missouri, Mississippi, Georgia, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Utah for starters.

Karma Kat

Sion said...

O, please be more generous! There's nothing like a windstorm to clear the mind - and total devastation of everything you know clears it even faster and more thoroughly.

There is just a hope that one of the victims will awake with a new - and more generous - view of existence, and of his fellow man.

Remember, inside every man there is a lover of boys trying to get out...

Anonymous said...

fuck you zion, my girlfriend is home alone in Carrollton, Texas trying to figure our a way to get her 35 year old son who has Muscular Dystrophy out of his bed, into his wheelchair into her 5 by5 bathroom. Yeah, she also made a pallet for her 14 year old autistic grandson in the bathtub. Husband called from work to make sure she put the van in the garage. We all have our priorities. Eat shit and die. Susan

Anonymous said...

Ah Susan, the glories of marriage and raising a family. You do stupid things like have kids and you pay the price.
It sounds as if your girlfriend and her family would be a lot better off dead. Why not pick your friends more carefully and not from among the breeders.

By the way, Susan, you completely misread Sion's comment.

Anonymous said...

Charlie, I did not misread sion's ugly message. Nor yours. I hope you and your fab friends can live with the ugliness and evil within your hearts. This use to be a place to go to that was safe, exciting, funny and intelligent. Uncle Sidney deserves so much more, he is beauty personified. You too will get old, hopefully gain some wisdom and altruism.

Charlie said...

Susan, don't be a stupid breeder having kids and expecting sympathy when they end up as physical and mental defectives. Maybe your friend can get rid of the ones she has, fob 'em off on the state if she can, and adopt new ones where she can check out the kind of goods she's getting, but even then they won't come with any guarantee card to go crying to WalMart trying to return them.

Your friends sound like hillbillies straight out of that film "Deliverance".

Sion said...

Dear Susan,
I hope your friends are safe.

Anonymous said...

What da fuck is going on here?!


Anonymous said...

...and another thing.

Anon-karma-charlie didn't I ask you to stop attacking folks here?


Hanspeter said...

Is that all the same persons that wrote that? I have similar view to him. Also what is female coming here for? Once females enter the picture death is sure to follow.

All persons are entitled to their opinions Sid.

Zaek said...

All this drama is very thespian, very form-changinly Mercurial and Dionysian. But then you did rename the blog "Drama Queen."

Anonymous said...

The G-ddess is chastising me for changing the name of this place.

My password doesn't work.

I'm bleeping locked out.

I'm told this happens to 'old blogs' sometimes. This one has been chugging along for nearly seven years,..with three name changes.

Anyway I'm setting up a new "Sidneyland" tonight. I'll be back later with the new address.

I guess "Drama Queen" will float here in the blogosphere for eternity.

Like a "flying Dutchman" sailing cyber seas, but never making port.

Anonymous said...

Btw, should I change the name again?


Anonymous said...

Okay here's the new address form all this static. Btw you can also link to the new space from "Angel Dreams".

I call the new place "The Holy Sydneyland Empire" I dunno I just seems to like the sound of all that.

Anyway there the address below.

Anonymous said...

Oh does the vagina offend you. Nasty men like you are famous for being hung like a pimple.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind nasty if it is directed at nasty people, specifically self interested power brokers, arms dealers, and military morons with no respect for human life. But when some mindless tool is nasty to disabled people, simply because they are disabled, or women, simply because they're women... I draw the fucking line. Why not hate blacks because they're black or Jews because they're Jews... or homosexuals because they're homosexual. Hate and you will be hated my friend.

Anonymous said...

Where are you now Sidney?

Anonymous said...

I see the shit has hit the fan again with at least two of your blogs Sid. As Lukas has said, where are you now???

Come in Uncle Sid... over...

Anonymous said...

Uncle Syd,

Please let me know you're O.K.

Anonymous said...

On Sidney's WBAI Radio Show this morning he said he had been sick, he knew his website was down, would be making a new one and would get it announced on "Back of The Book" next Saturday Morning at 5AM Eastern Time.

If you want to listen to his radio show this morning go to: and find "Shared: Back of Book / Sat with Radio On" at 5AM Satirdau January 14 5:01AM.

Clever show even though Sidney was feeling bad.

Get well Sidney,

Anonymous said...

There was no mention of Sydney’s new website on “Back of The Book” on WBAI this morning (1/21/12).

Let’s listen to his radio show (Saturday Morning With The Radio On) next Saturday morning at 5AM Eastern (2/28/12). We could even call in and ask him. If you can’t listen live you can hear the program in the WBAI archives.

It is curious to me why we haven’t heard from Sydney here. Maybe he has forgotten that “Drama Queen” is still up. Have you Sydney?

I Googled Mapped a little around Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Wish I could come visit you. Feel like I have a good friend in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

I listened to WBAI this morning (Saturday Jan 28) at 5AM Eastern. Sydney wasn't on his show. The person who was on in his place said Sydney was sick with Pneumonia that he hadn't been in for several days.

Hope you are mending Sydney.

Anonymous said...

Oh Hell! I hope you are OK Sid!
Please get a message to us one way or another. Or Somebody who has any news of Sidney's condition.


Anonymous said...

I guess this is the last place we can write to find out about how Sidney is. Does anyone have any recent information on his health?

Anonymous said...

Hello All,
I just listened to Sydney's time slot on WBAI (Saturday Morning at 5AM Eastern every other week). He was not on the air again.

The announcer said he should return and everything will be back to normal by the Ides of March.

This is really upsetting isn't it? We need you Sid. All of us here need each other don't we?

Thank goodness the Millennial Generation has arrived as did the Revolutionary Generation of the American Revolution followed by the Civil War Generation followed by the GI Generation. Only the GI Generation had to fight a foreign war to fight the fascists. The others fought them here on our own soil like the Millennials are doing now. Pay special attention to what the Occupiers are doing in Oakland fighting the Brutal Oakland Police Force. Google OakFoSho for his Ustream and his twitter page. Spencer will keep you up to date on the war. He has taken the day off but there is bunches there to see in his archives.

Fingers Crossed for them and you Sid. How I ache to hear your voice at 5AM Saturday February 25 on WBAI NYC.

Anonymous said...

I've had a couple of e-mails from Sidney, he's been rough but is getting better. His friends are taking him chicken soup but he is missing barbequed ribs.

Here is one mail he sent.

Hi Nik,

Thanks kindly for your concern. It's been rough, but I'm slowly getting better. This sort of thing they tell me takes a few months to clear out, down two to go. I'll contact you when my website is up, and running. No more blogs. Maybe in spring.



Anonymous said...

Saturday March 3
Great .. to read that little note sent via Nik. Worried doesn't even describe what I was feeling as I am sure the rest of us.

When Paul Martin host of the WBAI show that alternates with Sid's said, (Paraphrase) 'and now other Obits' my heart jumped. Then he started talking about Davey Jones who he wanted to bugger and the reverse. I was so relieved. “Back of The Book” is another great WBAI show. Paul said that Sid would be back next week: YEA! Regular time slot on WBAI at 5AM Saturday. It is archived so you don’t have to get up that early unless of course you want to call in and say “Welcome Back Sid”.

Sid’s show is “Saturday Morning With The Radio On”. Sid it is like being in your neighborhood: Love It!

Great you are getting well.

Anonymous said...

It was so great to hear you on WBAI this Saturday morning. 5AM was a little early for me .. caught you a couple of hours later.

I had a little stomach flu this weekend. I can't even imagine how you felt as it was a struggle for me to even stand up ... glad I didn't have to make it to the grocery store like you talked about. What are us older single guys going to do as time goes on and things affect us more and more? I am 8 years ahead of you: Darn . Darn . Darn.

My fingers are crossed Obama gets reelected. If he does in a couple of years I will be eligible (130% of Poverty) for Medicaid which will pick up my Medicare Co-pays. Then if I feel real bad I can just call an ambulance to take me to the hospital. That will be great. Maybe a nice young male orderly will help me around. I am not a "Retired Queer" hahahaha
PS: Listening to the original soundtrack of the movie "Doubt". If you are any of you other guys have not seen it it is worth a go. Viola Davis plays the mom who is glad her son Donald has found a nice intelligent man (Priest) to give him what he needs. The music is mysterious/haunting. L

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any news of a new Sidney Webpage yet?

Anonymous said...

I just listened to Saturday Morning With The Radio On Archive. Sidney was not on live again. The announcer said that Sidney "had to retire to the house again": Fingers Crossed for you Sidney.

You just have to get well.

Anonymous said...

Any news on the old bugger ?

I haven't heard from him since Easter but today I got some spam from his gmail account so that's probably been hacked.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gang!

Didn't know you was here. I'm mostly sleeping or working at the secret blog. Yes Lukas the new webpage will happen. It's slowness is my fault.

Gimme a break been sick as a dog that broke in the hamburger factory.

I fixed the spam. Changed my pswd.

I'll check back here from time to time.

Lukas did I give you the directions to my last blog?

Uncle Sidney

PS I'll be back on the air after the fundraiser crap in June,..stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

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