Sunday, May 22, 2011

"There's Still Hope!"

So da Lawd didn't come through on smiting the sorry lot of us. All is not lost. There's still time to cash in on that Solar Storm that's on the way. Even NASA sez it'll be Katina times Twenty!

Think Y2K if it really happened only worse.

I'm starting a basement industry on Solar Storm tin foil hats. Even if the Sun Storm never happens I can still sell these handy items to the 'same' gullible rubes as protection from mind reading space aliens.

I see a Win-Win deal here.

Umm, okay so the hats might not be enuff,..still it's the perception that counts.

We'll change the advert copy to "may" prevent solar apocalypse as opposed to "will". That should cover our butts.


Anonymous said...

Hi gang, go here this is my new site. I'm locked out on this one,...who know how or why. Still go here.

You can link to it from Angel Dreams. It's called the Holy Sydneyland Empire,...cute huh?

Anonymous said...

Click on Citizen X that will take you to Angel Dreams. From there you can get to my Empire.

Chris Albertson said...

Sidney, someone on the West Coast would like to have your e-mail address. I wouldn't put you in touch with him if I didn't think it might interest you. You can reach me via my e-mail here or at the blueboard.