Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Pope Bites Dust"


The Pope seen here during the War as a 15 year old luffwaffe anti-aircraft gunner. He's credited with downing two American B-24 bombers. Good shoot'n ya holiness!

"Flak Happy Jack" strikes again! Hey it was war, and he was a kid. He did his duty!

To the story at hand. Everything was going peachy at the Vatican's "Christmas Do" when out'a nowhere an insane worshiper lunges at the Shoes of the Fisherman. His shoes, pants, swell white'n gold cape, and far out hat too!

However nothing can stop the direct descendant of the throne of Peter, and close pal of the BIG GUY!

Well nothing except "political expediency". There 'was' that matter of them Jews, and others getting tossed into the ovens a while ago,..ahem. 'But never mind. Only Liberals, and Satanists insist on speaking of such things.

All's well that ends well.

Our hero recovered quickly, and said Christmas mass. All the assembled rubes was pleased as punch, and to all a good night.

Once again it's a Lady in Red!

Aww, I'm just joshing ya. You all knows how much I just loves the guy.

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