Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Michael's Heavens"

Michael Jackson relaxes with new friends in "Old Lady" heaven. He was sent there in exhasperation by the Divine Personnel Dispatch Bureau. They originally sent him to Hell which Mr. Jackson thought was Heaven.

Artists often make this mistake.

He was eventually found at a demonic radio station where he was producing concerts for Wagner, and that guy that invented the tuba. Michael was stashed in Limbo to cover up this "faux pas" , but he wandered out, and came back to Earth.

He was found again this time in Central Park playing the accordion, and singing for coins, and ham sandwiches.

Loose souls are embarrassing. Ghosts, and all that.

The Management prefers an orderly afterlife for it's clients. Having the dead show up freaking folks out is frowned on. This sort of thing affects promotions, and funding in the Celestial Bureaucracy.

Anyway they tried stuffing Mike into the Queer Heaven, but it was too crowded. Then file clerk, and high school teacher Purgatory.

Same problem.

The aborted embryo nursery,...too weird even for Mr. Jackson.

They even tried settling Michael in the G-d, and G-ddess Reservation. This is where most celebrities, and g-ds from forgotten or unpopular religions end up. However too many people are 'still' praying to Mr. Jackson.

This made alot of the inmates at the Reservation really jealous.

Sooo, Old Ladies Heaven it is till upper Management can figure this one out. Michael did ask to try out Dog Heaven, but was turned down,..for now.

More on this breaking story as developments warrant.

Stay Tuned.


Uncle 2012 said...

Ummm, so far neither Mr. Jackson nor the Bureau have raised the possibility of Boy Scout Heaven.

Perhaps it's better that that issue be allowed to rest.


Zaek said...

Boy scout heaven for Michael! He'll probably annoy the hell out of that stiff-upper-lip Baden Powell character.

Artists often make this mistake.

So I've got something to look forward to!

I've heard someone say onscreen that Elvis' touch could heal the sick. They've got a whole religious system worked out around him. Looks like MJ still has a way to go.

Uncle 2012 said...

Maybe, but they're still praying to MJ. That, and buying his graven images like mad.

I have several myself, tho' I don't light candles to them anymore.