Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"My Christmas Wish"

Well while it seems we're going to replay the Afghan war,..with us in the tragic role of the Russians. My gawd did none of these guys ever hear the phrase "The Graveyard of Empires"?!

Didn't they ever watch them old black, and white movies of the Brits getting their guts shot out in nameless valleys, and hilltops.

Actually alot of those flicks were shot just outside of 1930's L.A. with Mexican extras acting as the Afghan warriors. Still one did get the message,...bleep this bleep!

Did you see the faces of the cadets as Obama was telling them where they're going to spend the next four years? Indeed if you looked closely you'd have seen a number of them were already vets. They were wearing combat decorations on their cadet tunics.

(Graduated Cadet, class of 9/11, 2nd Lt. Emily Perez, 23 Killed in Action Iraq 9/11/06.)

They've already served as enlisted soldiers then applied to the 'Point. ..yeah you bet I'm proud of them. I'm so proud I want them to stay alive,, at home.

Home as opposed to going back to that hell hole for the fourth or fifth time to no purpose. Mind you yeah as I've said I volunteered for the service in the days after 9/11. It was the times, we were directly attacked.

Thank gawd they had the sense not to take me,..I was fifty then. They 'did' take some other oldtimers that had skills they needed, and yeah they ended up in Iraq. A country that had nothing to do with any of this.

Don't get me wrong. If they finally catch all the guys that hurt us. Them fanatics that laughed, and said they was glad they'd done it, and was going to do it again.

Hey com'on. After a fair, and really quick trial,..say 20 minutes or so. Just long enough to make sure we spelled their names right for their caskets.

After that minor detail They gets hanged at Ground Zero.

Yeah, yeah kind'a evil that, but all of us that was here that day wants these particular folks,...bad. I mean 'real' bad.

It's a for real New York thing that might not translate to you out in the world. It's also a generational thing since everyone under 30 thinks Bush did it. 'Be real the poor man can barely speak.

Anyhow to happier thoughts. Imagine all this noise, and confusion about them tribal maniacs when we're doing nothing about our 'True Enemy'.

The French!

As for my "Christmas Wish", it ain't World Peace. Gimme a break I have better sense that that. ..and no not a pony. I'm even realistic about that one.

No I wants the classic "Barbie Parisienne" doll!

This beauty was released last summer, but I was never able to get an edition. It was always sold out or still on order.

I even went to that racist outfit FAO Schwarz looking for it.

"Racist" because they used to harass non-whites that dared to enter their upscale store. The last straw was back in the 1990's somewhere when they strip searched two young black girls on suspicion that they'd stolen merchandise.

Of course they hadn't. Not only were they not shop lifters, but they were the niece's of a Black member of the U.S. Congress. ....oops!

I guess ya have to be careful which nigger ya fucks up these days huh?

Anyway after that blooper plus a few more incidents, and their 'special' customer Michael Jackson saying he'd never go there again unless they cleaned up their act,...they cleaned up their act.

Which is how I didn't get strip searched while looking for my Christmas Wish! As it happened the overpriced bastards didn't have it.

'But I'm not giving up.

I'm slowly rebuilding my doll collection after my sudden, and far too interesting adventure in being somewhat, well no, completely homeless.

However, after months of unimaginable horror I'm mostly middle class, and boring again, and after all isn't that what we 'all' want?


Bodmin said...

'When you're wounded and left on Afghanistan's plains
And the women come out to cut up what remains
Just roll to your rifle and blow out your brains
An' go to your Gawd like a soldier.'

Rudyard Kipling

The British have also had three goes at it already...

Anonymous said...

While I suspect Afghanistan could eventually be subdued after a fashion, I suspect it would take a degree of ruthlessness the American people would be unwilling to countenance. I don't know what the answer is, except the specter of an Islamic world gives me no comfort.

Frankly it would take another 9/11, on an even far worse scale, for the US to grow the cojones to do what needs to be done. And I don't want to see that happen. The current policy seems to me to be bleeding us to death a drop at a time.

I think we've gotten our national nuts in a vise that will gradually crush them, given the mood of the country.

I'm glad that my generation will probably be long gone before this whole fiasco continues playing out. Unfortunately peace on earth is an illusory dream.

Mr. Chips