Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Bliss Sucks"

Bliss sucks because like a really good drug high it ends, and you have to live on Earth again.

With that in mind I'm going to try to enjoy Xmas.

I mean celebrating the birthday of a Jewish Zombie that wants us to eat his body, and drink his blood can't be 'that' hard. It's the friends, and family part that can get you on the front page of the Post.

Like all them shoot outs across the turkey that this country has every Thanksgiving. Lately Christmas has a similar problem. Especially this year with zillions of folks facing the economic abyss.

Desperate folks do desperate things.

This btw is why I really hope that Obama spreads some dough around for all them that are out in the cold this winter.

The only people this would piss off are the social Darwinists in Congress that think you'n yours should die if you can't get a job.

Ironically I seem insulated from this hell. I still have my job, and new home, and the boss, and board of directors likes me. This means I won't be fired till 'after' the holidays,...not before or during.

What sweethearts.

Anyhow I've been invited to some "Christmas Do's", and this time I'm going. Normally I stay home watching tv or sleep. This time given the hell the world, country, and this city is going through I think we all need to hang onto each other.

We need to eat, and drink everything in sight, and laugh alot. So happy Zombie Day to you all, and fuck'em if they can't take a joke!


John said...

Sounds like a plan Sid !

Go enjoy your friends and your self

Embrace the day as I like to say !

Cheers, John

Uncle 2012 said...

So far so good.

Btw we're having a blizzard at the moment, and they say we'll have another Christmas Eve, and Day.

Sorry about calling the guy a Zombie. I'm a recovering Roman Catholic, and the scars still hurt like hell.

I'm sure you understand.