Thursday, December 17, 2009

"All I Want for Xmas!"

Look buster I voted for your worthless butt. I even forked over some dough to your campaign, and this when I was homeless fer christ'sakes!

Yeah we all went nuts, and thought we'd won the frigg'n lottery when you got in!


Ever since that happy day you've been giving us the stiff. You ain't done shit. You're giving the store away them Republicans! They're spitting in your face, but you're still trying to play nice, nice with'em instead of putting them in jail!

Speaking of jail what about all them Bush guys that broke international law with that torture, and shoot'n up civilians all over the place?! You gave them all a pass. "No harm done, long boys."

Btw now were getting deeper into that "Graveyard of Empires". Holy crap! You do remember what happened to the Brits, and the Russians. You have read Kipling right?!

I'm not even gonna get started on how you blew National Health in this country for the next 50 years, incompetent jerk!

Look pal you got less than a year to turn this backed up toilet on wheels around. If not you're history, and that Palin retard is in business. When that happens all bets are off! WE'RE FUCKED pure'n simple.


All I wants for Christmas is the guy I voted for, seen him anywhere?!


Anonymous said...

As old as you seem to be, I am surprised that you feel that way. You should know what he has done already, and cut him some slack for having to put up with the idiot Congress, who actually hold most of the power. Oh, and be a little patient - he IS only human.

Uncle 2012 said...

Eh,..I'm 59, and I'll run face first into the big Six "O" next summer. I'm just warming up my old fart persona so I'll be ready.

Yeah you're right I ought to cut the poor guy some slack. He has 40 years of crap to shovel up before we can get anywhere.

'But ya gotta understand what us Boomers has been through. I mean quite literally in the political desert for 40 years.

Watching, and sometimes trying to stop generations of morons, jerks, bigots, and crooks from wrecking the country.

Then 'this' guy shows up, and gives the whole lot of us Hope! Not just aged Hippies, and Panthers, but the whole damned World.

Aw man, this has 'never' happened before. The streets across the country were like new years eve when he got in. Not just here, but around the world.

I'm 'still' thrilled at the whole thing.

However the rot, crap, and evil of Washington gummed up everything, and he seems to be fucking up big time.

You see how all this is making folks crazy,...especially us that ain't got more decades to wait for sanity to come to the world.

Okay so he ain't Santa,..mores the pity, but maybe he could try to act like it if only for national morale

He needs to spread some goodies around especially to them out'a work or newly houseless.

He also needs to kick republican butt in a real public way.

'He's' the boss fer christ'sakes!

Them evil mooks needs to fear him. They need to crap their shorts at the mention of 'his' name.

Then we'd be getting somewhere.

Also I want a pony, a 1964 mint Mustang, and a new bike. The other asshole never came through for me.

I'm really hoping Obama Claus will come through my radiator, and put this swell action under my tree.

We'll see.

Bodmin said...

Would you settle for your two front teeth?

Uncle 2012 said...

Given my crappy insurance youbetcha!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that explanation. I am 68 (so already have passed the "magic number", and this President is the best thing I have seen in that job yet. He actually thinks. And he isn't worried about being macho. I have never been more optimistic (because of him) or pessimistic - because of the republicans who only want to see him fail, and democrats (and the others) who want to be reelected more than do something good. Take a look at the current Newsweek - there is a very telling article about the republicans who have been around for a long time. Their about face on many issues they were pushing before makes this all clear.

John said...

O`h boy ! I feel like I`m putting my head on the RR track now !

This is your blog Sid but I hope
you don`t mind a diff point of view here ?

I`m not a Publican or Demmycrat
I`m and American and only want
someone to do whats best for my Country and I do not see it happening not at all.

I`ve come to belive that They in DC
are so far out there it`s horrible
all they care about is them selfs
not us, not our Country.

They all say things are going to change but nothing changes nothing

It`s about money,power,controll
no more no less.

Thats way nothing changes.

I belive in this Country in the People not DC.

To me and this is only me of course
Obama was/is an empty suit from Chicago nothing of substance will change I`m afraid.

So thats all folkes !

Maintain, enjoy what we have left of our lifes don`t go beat`n your
yourselfs up over all of this won`t help ya know ?

Merry Christmas to All !

Uncle 2012 said...

Merry Zombie Day, and thanks to all of you swell folks out there!