Thursday, December 24, 2009

"Okay, Okay,...Merry Christmas"

I actually love this day. Even though I say "Bleep it" a few posts down. It's just that I've never experienced the "Day" as my dreams, and fantasies play it out in my head.

I guess nobody has.

That hope of a joyous world full of kindly happy people, and wondrous circumstance.

I suppose it's not possible to realize such a place or group of persons. Yeah sure we're Angels now, and then, demons too, but mostly we're just trying to get by. We're always having to make choices. Those 10,000 moral, and not so moral choices everyday that make us human.

That practical grey reality where we escape our collective pre-history memories of being stalked by *panthers. Our desperate everyday realities of study, work, and advancement,...if we're lucky.

*Panthers had a specific taste for human meat. Their fossilized crap is full of our ancestors bones.

As for those gleeful circumstances this is why we build things like Disneylands, Las Vegas, and the soon to come abomination Harry Potter World. We knock together these cheesy fantasylands to escape into a false womb. An infantile bomb shelter of simple wonders.

As for the high brow they have their opera, paintings, and awful experimental theater that they pretend to like.

For the rest of us the Christmas fantasy is the acme of our collective dream of safety, and plenty. I'm as much a sucker for it as the next fraud.

A holy baby comes into the world to save our worthless butts from 'Everything!'

The King is born!

Let the Good Times Roll! Medieval celebrations of the Yule were drunken brawls that went on for weeks. We need to get back to that

So a merry Christmas to the lot of you.

Don't spend the mortgage, or rent money on it. BUT! If you actually have any lose dough handy spend it on your kids, and pals. You go on, and have a swell old time!

Eat, drink, dance, and fuck through the Yule, 'all' deserve it!

Stay tuned.

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