Saturday, December 5, 2009

"The Greatest Gift"

There was another tragedy close to me this week. A good friend lost her young brother to violence.

He was shot dead by a friend in a fit of rage over an affair of the heart. The complications were almost Shakspearian.

Love, jealousy, obsession, mixed with extreme, youth, and lack of life experience.

As you can imagine this is a nightmare bolt out the blue for the family and all the friends including yours truly.

I had composed this long screed about life, death'n all. You know how good I am at contrived bullshit. Well nevermind all that. What it really all comes down to is that life is a gift.

A gift from G-D.

That being so perhaps we should live accordingly.


John said...

A`h yes your so right but why do we not treat it as such ?
More then 1 live now ruined ao sad.

John said...

Sorry Sid guess I can`t spell ?
That should have been; More then one life now ruined so sad !

On another note your post about the park ? Thats a super site !
I feel a trip in the summer that
to me would really be something
to go there and just give homage to
those 11,500 who died on those
rotten ships !
Did you read where the Brit Commander was hanged for War Crimes?
Thanks for all of that !

Uncle 2012 said...

One life or 11,000 the loss is unimaginable.

Btw, don't worry about your spelling. thanks to the Norman invasion, and their bleeped up influence on the language 'no one' can spell.