Monday, December 28, 2009



Sion said...

When I see this picture I think of many things.
I think of the lookalike photos posed over Berlin and Okinawa in 1945 - both of which were staged as photo-opportunities (though at least they used genuine soldiers those-a-whiles).
I think how little connection I feel to nation states - or to any organization, group, Church or society beyond a membership of a few hundred - ie the number of people I can effectively meet and know.
I think also of the blind and unblinking loyalty I feel to 'our' troops and 'our' boys - the kids (mostly) who have been sent in 'our' name to die in absurd wars in which they have no part - and in which they will kill kids of the either side, boys they do not know and do not hate. They are misguided, but I will not betray them because it was my indolence that contributed to their being sent on their fruitless missions.
And I think of why it is that we cannot arrange things better than to send our children to die this way, triumphing over imagined evils, slaying imaginary dragons, dying at the hands of children of the 'other' side, the human enemy.
Peace on Earth etc etc etc.

John said...

This post shocked me ! Both the vidos and your post.
I`m not an educated person I don`t concider my self smart I don`t know
what the point of all of this is ?

You know as well as I that these things have been going on since time started, no ? So whats the point of hand wringing ?
These things most play them selfs out as, history teaches us.

I remember damn near getting fired
when the first Gulf War started not
one drop of American blood is worth
that damn oil my Boss was quite unhappy with me but I would`nt back down finally he gave up and left me alone but what diff did it make ? None.
And here we are years later still
involved in the Sand Box as they call it and for what ?

I have no answers. I just know it
must play it self out and I fear
we`re aways from that.

Zaek said...

Few of those who chant "No blood for oil" would be willing to do without the amenities that oil provides, once they realized what that actually entails. Not that the current caper in the Hindu Kush is likely to put gas in their cars or provide any other benefit, except maybe keeping at a distance the many people who seem to want to blow us up, because we're so good of course.

Zaek said...

Isn't that movie "Red Dawn" a little out of date? That seems to be the theme. It never happened, and now it can't happen. Something else will instead.

John said...

A`hh yes, I was thinking Red Dawn
too ! I feel redimed ! Thanks.
But why do we think this ?
Perhaps the real threat is from
with in now ? Just a thought.

About the No Blood for Oil ? There
is alot of oil much closer example
our neighbor to the north but our
Allies (?) need the Middle East oil
much more then we do.
Plus we have so much area here that has yet to be drilled.

But you know ya gotta remember;
Follow the Money !