Thursday, December 24, 2009


This all started on another board in a galaxy far, far away. Basically the demented comment board unofficially connected to the radio station that insists on employing me.

This thread had to do with atheists, and how many of them were in any particular battle fox hole. One thing led to another, and here it basically is.


That radio station WBAI is promoting religious b.s. I'm 'Not' a believer and not interested in sitting in anybody's church for a so called watch night.


The anti-religion Religion.

Atheism in it's various forms is a very strict religion.

Having been a raving Roman Catholic, and an equally intense anti-religionist at different times in my life I can tell ya this is so.

Also it's been my experience that atheist are as nuts to those what disagree with them as say rightwing Catholics would be if you called their gawd a Jewish Zombie.

...which strictly speaking he is.

My religion was very strange. I mean we worshiped this dead guy that woke up told us to eat him. He then went to live in the sky. The nuns told us he's up there watching everything we do.

He writes it all down as evidence to be used against us later.

I wanted to say this was crazy, but anybody that gave the nuns lip had the shit beat out'a them.

So to sum up there's no real difference between theists, and atheist. They'll both try to beat the crap out'a ya if you offend their cosmology.

Btw I'm all for a return of spiritual programming to 'Bai.

In fact I'd love to do one. Having been beaten up by priests, and nuns. Then later given shit by raving atheists I think I'm perfectly qualified.


I disagree that atheists are as dogmatic about their lack of religious beliefs as Christians tend to be about theirs. They want to shove their shit down everybody's throat.

I am content to not believe in the invisible man in the sky and to not try to FORCE anyone else to share my particular POV despite what it might say about their beliefs about humans riding on the backs of the dinosaurs, etc.

your friend "RPM" does a great job during the holidays of dealing effectively with debunking all the b.s. around the "Abrahamic superstitions." Love his show.


And another thing: Did you ever notice that there are no atheists on Death Row? It's the ones that always seem to "find God" whom I'm most worried about.


Yeah death row nuts like Martin Luther King, Dorothy Day, Malcomb X, Fr. William Strzelecki diocesan priest, martyred by Nazis at Auschwitz, etc., etc.,
You get the point.


What about foxholes? No atheists there, either, we were told.


Foxes pray like Krazy! When there's all these guys with big guns look'n to blow you away you'd be nuts not play 'all' your options.


Of course, a contract entered into under duress is not binding, is it?


Good point. If I promise da'lawd all sorts of good deeds while the bad guys is shoot'n the hell out'a my foxhole it really won't be binding.

"Look lawd" I'd say at my later trial at the "End of Days".

"Look lawd my butt was on the line, infact my actual butt had just been shot!"

"Are you kidding I'd promise anybody 'anything' to get out'a that one!"

My lawyer Moses sez "This one's a slam dunk". "I say let this guy walk on the foxhole conversion, and we'll plead no contest on his robbing Fort Knox.

My client is willing to do a week in limbo, and a month public service cleaning toilets in Catholic Nun Hell,...whadda'ya say?"

Com'on lawd, lets settle so we can all go to lunch!


Santa Claus said...

Atheism is not a religion, it is a lack of religion. When people make atheism a religion, then they become as silly as the religions that they despise. I don't believe in God, but I don't tear anyone else's faith down.

Uncle 2012 said...

Ideally yeah you're on the money. Sadly there ain't much in the world that's ideal.

Sure I've met with plenty of rational atheists. Even some cool believers.

However both sides of that street tends to be dangerous, and nuts.

Granted this is an intense town. Maybe things are better out in the world,...I hope so.

Btw Santa whatever happened to that Pony, and bike I asked for?

Com'on I been good,..mostly.

Uncle 2012 said...

I really like your blog Santa. Sweet snow effects too!

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