Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"This Evening"

I was out this evening wandering about the seaport area. A big full moon was floating over the Emerald City. The sun goes down so early these days, it was barely after 5:00pm when I took the above snaps.

Click on the above snapshots they're kind'a nice.

Anyway I was headed back to the newsroom to prepare for the Obama national broadcast tonight. More war or peace?

We'll see.

Btw that's my dear pal Ellen's baby up there at the radio station. A real sweetheart!


Well we ran the damned speech, and it looks like more war.

Aw well.

True the head chopping maniacs in Al-Qaeda, and them Taliban guys do want us all dead. I'm posting this four blocks from 'Ground Zero' So these guys are no pals of mine, but still,..eight years of this!


Bodmin said...

Eighteen months ago I was trying to tell you this guy was nothing but George W. Bush in burnt cork!

Uncle 2012 said...

Well he said it open, and clear. We're going to be at war for years to come.

In the end nothing will have changed over there. They'll still be a 12th century slaughter house that sells the world most of it's heroin.

A bunch of western corporations will have gotten richer. A bunch of folks will be dead. Obama will probably win in 2012 despite it all.

Me I'll never vote again for as long as I live.