Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Don't do this at Home!"

Greetings comrades. Eh, it just hit me that perhaps I should warn you about then next several posts. See I'm in a mood if ya know what I mean. The weather sucks, I got alot of bills, the job sucks, my meds ain't on the ball, and I'm itchy, nervous, real pissed, and generally fed up.

...and you 'still' wanna go ahead?!

Hey be my guest.

Did I mention my feet hurt. Yeah I bought these real good looking sneakers in midtown. The price was right, and like I say they're cute. 'But they hurt too. You know how that happens.

They're okay for the first few days, maybe a week. Then ooooh. The hurt kicks in. Is this why ladies buys so many shoes? Guys ya know. They just take it, and limp on with bleeding feet.

The gals has brains. Besides being generally more stable, and living 20 years longer they also know what sort of shoes to buy,..and when!

G-ddess bless'em all.

Except for Sister Mary Clarice. This deranged sadist humiliated, tormented, and generally beat the crap out of several generations of kids. her vicious cruelty has cascaded down the decades of my life well into another century.

If there's an ironic Hell she's earned some centuries in a 34 story walkup in a nasty neighborhood there.

Yeah she's earned 500 years of fifth grade with heartless 15 foot tall demented sadistic nuns giving her the "treatment" all day every day.

Including weekends, and christmas.

Except for her, and two or three of her pals. I think all the other women on earth are swell.


Zaek said...

Uh-oh. I know the statues with leprosy are a bad sign. I hope the meds kick in quickly.

A friend with orthopedic problems told me the comfiest shoes are made by Ecco: pricey, but your feet will adore you.

Zaek said...

The cute sneakers were probably brought to your attention by the malicious spirit of Sister Mary Clarice. Remember, your feet are your foundation.

Uncle 2012 said...


I knew that dizzy dame from the nunnery up still up to her evil ways!

Okay add on to that 34 story walkup,...where she lives on floor 33 in a studio apartment she shares 50 other semi-damned souls.

Eh,..these are a cross section of Hell's population. Sure there tyrants, and assorted vampiers.

However most are just postal employees, elected officials, schoolyard bullies, and tax collectors.

The everyday demons of hell.

The souls that made life hell for others on earth. Well now they're getting what they dished out.

Da Lawd is Just,..and a Bastard about it too.

Btw the one bathroom which is shared by the whole building is on the 2nd floor.

You'll note she gets out in 500 years.

Da lawd don't play that eternity thing.

..too expensive.

'Sides the Devil gets tired of fucking over the same old souls.

Anyway other than sharing her digs with them swell folks who btw have serious flatulence problems.

...did I mention her flat has no window?

Besides that she has to wear my fucked up agonizing sneakers that was made by political prisoners in Shanghai!

Btw, yeah my meds are hit'n miss lately as you no doubt can tell.

Got to get them adjusted again.

It was so much easier when I was a cokehead, maniac.

Too strong? Cut the blow with powdered milk, too weak cut the shit with crystal meth, too weird cut it with heroin.

Ahh "The Junkies Life for Me!".

Btw that song is going into the Peter Pan remake I'm working on.

That, and "There is Nothing like a Boy!"

Cannibal said...

My poor doggies are so wide pretty soon you'll be able to take one and split it right down the middle and have enough tissue for two separate feet. If yer shoe problems stem from them swelling or they're just not D width any more (retailers just throw size D at everybody praying they'll fit) try cheaper sneaks from Prop├ęt. I take the 5X size myself, so no jokes about webbed feet! Be advised they aren't the best styles, but your doggies are not crying out for fashionability.

As to your meds losing their effectiveness now, take a look at the thermometer. I have a friend also taking psycho-active meds on a daily basis, and there's a real cause-effect deal with the environment you're in. I always suggest to her that she hug her Air Conditioner for all she's worth this time of year. Hell, if you had your sweat tested I'll bet you're eliminating those meds at a faster rate than at other times of the year. All that Bermuda weather taking it's toll on all of us, I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

Sidney, Go to a store that stocks a BIG selection of New Balance sneakers. New Balance grew out of a company that made orthopedic shoes and still concentrates on solving several foot problems, but you must try on a few different models and it helps if you have a knowledgeable person serving you.
Start out with their 990 series. They come in all kinds of widths. I and several of my friends with foot problems have found the 990 series to be the golden solution to foot grief!
Don't let a stupid salesman cow you into buying the wrong shoe. Make sure the store has a complete line in all the widths that you need.

Anonymous said...

I don't like to add to your problems Sidney, but every person I know who takes meds for depression and other so called psycho problems has always gotten worse over time. I hate to tell you that you have nothing good to look forward to other than a constantly spiraling DOWNWARD with an every increasing reliance on stronger and stronger meds which do less and less other than make the shrinks and drug companies rich.
Sometimes they will tell patients to try electroshock or even lobotomy which is making a comeback. But they are all deadly and hardly efficacious solutions.