Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Lost Heros Torched"

(Click on this map, and you'll get all the basics you'll need to get into the "Lost World".)

Besides everything else that's going on in my happy, swell, peachy life I'm catching up on my favorite tv series.

The last few years have been profoundly funless.

So I'm really behind on my laying about with a blank expression while eating sugary, and greasy crap with my phone turned off.

Lets see I just finished the second season of "Lost".

Two down three to go! 'Thing is I still don't know what the hell is going on there. Also what! is that black smoke monster thing?! It reminds me of the "Rover". (..see above) The big scary bouncy balloon from the "Prisoner" that smothered people.

I'm picking up the dvd set of the third season, and hope things become clearer.

The same with "Heros". Btw for you in the know. Yeah it started life as a late 1990's comic book. However it's changed a lot for tv, and the new comics. Anyway I really enjoyed it, and am now just hacking my way through the second season.

Please don't tell me anything, and give shit away.

Speaking of "Torchwood". Not having cable for now I missed the five night mini third season.

"Children of Earth" the stuff on youtube about it looks amazing!

I like the Brit mini series tradition. They have beginnings, middles, and ends.

Unlike American episodic tv that just starts, hobbles along then vanishes. No point, no resolution.

They just go down the memory hole till the next bunch of talentless hacks get hired, and it starts again as something else.

My I'm nasty these daze.

'Matter of fact one person on my Queer blog said just that. 'Course I deleted the jerk.

Mean, nasty,...who me?

'Excuse me I have to put another poodle into the microwave. Amazing,...they go off like water balloons filled with guts.


(...speaking of "Splat!")





Kris said...

I love you man! I don't mean to minimize the stuff you have going on, but you make me laugh. And I really need it. Life aint so peechy my way just now.


A lot!

kinkynik said...

Children of Earth was brilliant.

Can't see the point of Lost, stopped watching it somewhen in series 2;

Too fantastical even for my fucked up head.