Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Mended Wings"

Above are the few surviving Faeries of Sydneyland. I found them along with a model airliner last sunday. They were in very sad shape.

The faeries were cracked, and their wings as you can see in image two were in bits'n pieces. The model plane, a 1950's Constellation was banged up as well.

When I lost my last home there was no time to properly pack. Some many delicate things were just quickly put into boxes. These were stored in various places,..with pals, at my job, with former neighbors.

It was a hell of a time.

However now that 'some' stability has returned to my life I'm looking for my former worlds. Most is gone. I assume at the bottom of an illegal landfill in New Jersey.

After all that's where the mafia, street gangs, dirty cops, and mob owned garbage truck companies dumps everything they wants the world to forget about.

The guys that cleaned out my house were clearly with a mob hauling outfit. Sheriffs always use them.

Anyway as I said I'm slowly reclaiming my life. Part of that is making peace with my past. Letting go of some things finding, and mending others.

Faerie wings.

I spent the last two days mending my faeries. I used carpenters super glue which was recommended for the material the little sweeties is made of. I'll need another sort of paste for the 50's Connie.

As you can see the gals are starting to look swell again!

I've been living at my new digs since the beginning of April, and we're now coming on august.

Yeah it's about time.

I mean I'm finally having friends over, and even thinking about decorating. So okay I'm getting sane again.

Stay tuned.

(I'm real happy at how the girls came out. You can hardly see the cracks where the broke up. Anyway click on them for a close look.)

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