Friday, July 17, 2009


I've been noticing alot of these "Homeland Security" cop cars around lately. Much more than usual. That, and army guys with loaded M-16's hanging about potential target sites.

Ya know train stations. Grand Central, Penn Station, Atlantic Avenue, and others. Also Con Ed power houses, and such. I asked one of the troopers what was up, and he said,..."just a routine exercise."

Yeah right.

I asked him to level with me. I mean is there some shit coming down that us rubes don't know about yet. He said "Naw", least "as far as" he knew.

Swell, and I just recently had another thread of 9/11 nightmares'n flash backs. We, I really don't need anymore of this. This whole 21st century thing seriously sucks.

How I wish we could go back, and stop the 2000 national election from being stolen. If we could only have begun the new century with hope instead of a crooked election, and incompetent defense.

A word to the wise Comrades,..."Watch the Skies"

I'm posting these videos below more for me than anyone else. I'm still after all these years trying to understand, and come to terms with these events. My only actual direct personal, physical involvement in a war.

This act has deformed our country, and all of this century, far. We need to understand it beyond the political reasons for it. There's more involved.

...again I say,."...Watch the Skies"

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Anonymous said...

Don't fret so much Sid. Yeah its all gonna go down the shitter, but not until you and I have long slipped off into the clouds rolling by... Like John Lennon said... "relax, free your mind and float downstream"

Love Tristan