Monday, July 13, 2009

"Post Traumatic Stress"

"PTSD"...for beginners.

I've been having dreams like the video below for a while now. That, and assorted 9/11 flash backs. In those I'm climbing through the wreckage. It's always a maze of twisted steel, and slanted walls, and floors. Like an Escher drawing on crack, and whiskey.

If it's not that I'm watching loved ones die,...again.

Interesting, I was speaking with an intern at the studios. He's 22. He mentioned that he personally knew no one who had passed away. No family, no friends.

I've forgotten what that feels like. To have everyone still around, 'and' to expect them to stay as well.

I didn't tell the kid what was waiting for for him. He deserves his innocence.

Pity we all can't keep it.

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