Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"New NYC Language"

Well actually I, and most of us have been hearing it for a while.


Like the speakers of "Spanglish" who easily flow back'n forth between english, and spanish. There's now zillions of Islamic folks around town gleefully doing the same with Arabic, and English.

This especially seems to be heard, by me, in Brooklyn, deli's, and on the subway.

I was just getting a pastrami hero,..w/cheese on mayo. Yeah weird, but that's how I likes'em. Well okay the cheese is way over the top, and I do feel guilty about it.

'Course that won't stop me.

Anyway while watching some movie being shot across the street I overheard the staff doing their linguestic acrobatics.

I <3 NY!


Bodmin said...

What's so weird about a pastrami hero with Swiss cheese - melted! - and mayo?

Uncle 2012 said...

Umm, it was American. Plain old yellow, like to we took to school for lunch cheese.

With mayo.

Not mustard on rye, not wrapped in proper white deli paper, but a mutant strain of pastrami hero. some sort of plastic wrap.

The Shame.