Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Have a Gay Old Time!"

(Me, and pals, rare color photo from 1862)

It's a good thing I wrote down on actual non-digital paper all of my codes, pswd's, and user names. 'Cause I can't remember bleep anymore. That is to say it was my birthday back on the 9th.

I'm 59, but everyone thinks I'm 60 so I'll go with it. I like it better anyway. When you're that close to 100 people don't bother you as much. At least it's starting to seem that way.

Also there's them swell perks.

Everybody thinks you're about to die so they do stuff like give you a seat on the subway. That or they don't charge you for everything at the supermarket. Both of these things just happened to me.

Actually I don't look 60, but I must have an aura of aged wisdom,..and more grey hair or something. Maybe it was my "Flower Power Button".

I've had that little relic since 1966, and have taken to wearing it again lately.

Anyway I was out shopping for scraps of bread, and cat food. The normal diet for folks my age. I goes down to the subway, and this young guy immediately gives me a seat.

He sez, " okay mister?"

I must have looked like I was having a stroke or something.

Well it was a brutally hot day. You remember that scary heatwave we had in April. The leaves weren't back on the trees yet, and it was 90+ for days.

Another sign that the end of the world is on the way. 2012,...two, and a half years, and counting down.

Later when I stumbles into the supermarket there was this nice youngster at the counter. She didn't charge me for them chickens in my basket.

She let a couple of "Perdue Oven Stuffers" go by without swiping them on the register. Another time in a different store a young clerk let some orange juice slip by too.

This is sweet because it sez that people are starting to look after each other in these hard times.

Btw I intend to milk these well deserved considerations for all they're worth. I earned these little things dammit! Another good thing is I can be 60 again next year,...for real!

Then movies will be 'half price' for me!

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