Wednesday, August 1, 2007

"WBAI Toy Box ll"


Anonymous said...

I thought you were going to bed hours ago! Too hot?
Hey, since inkplum went down I can't find a link to your agony page, Hell on the Rocks, or something like that. Can you put a link to on your new page?

Anonymous said...

Oops! Never mind, I found the Hell on the Rocks page listed under your "Ghost Blogs". Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Oh my word! I just went over to your Hell on the Rocks page and sure enough there was Astroboy reverently saluting that other Furer!
Sidney, while you may be a GENIUS, not for a single minute do I believe you are THAT Furer! But I salute YOU nevertheless!
Now we both have to try and sleep.

Ai said...

you're right, our Sidney is a "genius", and yes - he has "leading" qualities too. Otherwise why would so many different people follow his tracks?

you asked what your readers would like to see on your blog. YOU! I'd like to see more of you as you're really handsome *nod nod* Plus you go well with Tinkers, Belles and other fearie friends.

Greetings to you and TIA and Susan and Maya and Gracie and Astroboy and... and...
from Ai

Ai said...

I'm just now listening to the recorded c. w. show where you talk about your angel shirts, and play that marvellous Django Reinhardt music. Praise to WBAI for giving me the opportunity to listen to your voice!

Man, it's as gorgeous as you are. An auditory balm amidst the nonsensical squeaking and screeching that radio talkers usually produce. I also dig the way you hum along the music - like Glenn Gould.

How are your violin lessons going on? Can we expect a Sidney Symphony instead of the Cowboy Boogie some time?

Yes, bars do have the best corned beef on earth. But only in the U.S. ;-)

Luv from a new c.w. listener,

sidneylann995 said...

Hello TIA, and A.I. thanks for dropping by. Please praise me as much as you like it goes to my head! I love it!

I always thought that if I worked at it I could be a good egomaniac! As you know most introverts are closet exhibitionists/egotist.

I'm no exception.

Anyway yeah so far they've left my old blogs alone.

Except for our beloved "Inkplum" which they deleted.

Anyhow the old blogs survive. There they float as ghost ships.

Perhaps we should think of them as museums of my early blogging attempts.

Btw thanks for listening to my show A.I. I'm glad you liked it. I'm on again this monday coming at 1:00am NYC TIME. Or you can listen then or on our archive.

Anyone interested in WBAI please go to the link on the right there. Click on "listen live" or go to the archive, and get an earful there.

As you know I don't like alot of what WBAI does now such as various ethnic/racial nationalisms.

That, and extreme leftwing anti-American propaganda, Jew/Israel hate, and intermittent homophobia. Eckk!

It's sad how the American far-left has become like the extreme right.

Infact I don't think they qualify as "left" anymore.

They're a new, and ugly strain in American ploitics.

Despite that there are still alot of good Heartful, progressive folks left on our station to make it worth working there still.


Anonymous said...

Sidney- Glad the royal republic is back! Btw, you have very expressive hands, sensitive and artistic. I like the way you hold your sweet fairy-dolls. Love- Seena

sidneylann995 said...

Greetings Lady Seena of Titania,

So good to hear from you again. Remember, stay hyrated, and don't forget the sunblock!

Thank you for notice'n my cute hands. No I don't have a stunt double for faerie rangling. I actually handle the still sweethearts myself.

The only problem is mateing season,...they bite then. 'Bit them liitle folks has got razor sharp teeth.

On the upside. A faerie bite can give you the best LSD trip in the world.

So don't drive or be operating heavy equipment while handling horny faeries.


*now that I think of it ya shouldn't drive at all when you're horny,...faerie or not.