Friday, August 3, 2007

"Royal Tigers"


Anonymous said...

Sydney, Where do you keep all your toys?
Was sorry to hear about the collapsed bridge.
Try and keep cool in that big oven of a city. I bet you wish you had our cooler weather.
Im dashing off again this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Are you just as sorry about the millions of people who die every year because they don't have clean water to drink or because they cannot afford medicines which cost pennies?
A few fucking SUVs carry a couple of rich Americans into the murky waters of Ol' Miss and the world comes to a stop. Not to mention the fact that the survivors of these folk, not to belittle their suffering by one iota, will get big fat insurance payouts!
Elsewhere in the world we die in the fucking millions and no one notices, unless it's a couple of fat-assed rock n' rollers who come with their own god-damned agendas and shed crocodile tears about how much they love us! Shit man, give me a fucking break!
Good, you go dash off and have a good time, but don't speak to me of the hardships of the rich, OK? I have people around me dying every day from totally preventable things like cholera, malaria, and dehydration, all things which cost pennies to stop! But if you don't have the fucking pennies, then it may as well be all the money in the world to us!
So don't go rubbing it in with all your wailing over your fucking bridge!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I dont think you know me well enough to have said all that. Maybe Sydney would back me up on that one. Ok, the way I quickly passed over with the quick comment about the Bridge was condascending. Normally I would have gone into more detail about something like that, particularly as I feel a strong connection with the States. And no way am I a Republican. Yes the US government should be ashamed after they abandoned New Orleans.. only looking after the better off. That alone, and Bush's plain stupidity will see the Republicans out of office come November. And I used to think that you had to be smart and academic to become President. Like everything else it's just a title that can be bought.

I dont bracket myself anywhere near the rich. People around me know how much I detest the rich. Most of them give nothing back to the other half of the troubled parts of the world. They just want to accumulate more and more money for themselves and their spouses.
They said that around 20% of the population of Brazil owns 68% of the national wealth. Of course thats wrong. Ok Im not on the front line seeing death every day but I am aware of whats going on around the world. Sure I get angry with things but people dont want me to write about the problems of the world, they prefer to look at pretty pictures.
I get mad when I see how Robert Mugabe has raped his country to the point that there is nothing left of it now. He should be hung. And I dont like the way that my country has allowed the corrupt ex- PrimeMinister of Thailand to just loll about London after stealing all that money from the poor people of Thailand, yet another country with the 'Class System'. Id kick him out and send him back home. But oh no this weak government couldnt care less. Perhaps Karl Marx got it right. I cringe when I read about the carnage going on in Burma.
And sure I hate the way rock stars jump on the charity bandwagon. We all know that they use it for personal gain and exposure. This also makes me sick. Using charity seems to be the one way to keep themselves in the public eye even though their record sales have dwindled down to nothing. I see all the false things that go on in the world. I dont even like the crap coming out of Hollywood. Do they think we're all dumb. At least the French know how to make a good film.
Boy, if I had the power to tax the rich, they would regret ever making their fortune's. And if I were rich I simply wouldnt be able to live with the guilt when I see the hardships going on. I know I wouldnt because thats me. Rich people dont visualize the hardships of the world, the poverty and the short supplies of medicine. They just become intoxicated with their luxurious surroundings and their cosy security thats well out of sight of the other half.
Dont worry, we'll all be equal in the next dimension. That I do know.

Anonymous said...

Nowhere did I make a personal attack on you. It was an observation on how people make big deals out of very small things and miss a whole world around them.
In an attempt to know you better, I just looked at two of your blogs.
You specialize in comedy, I see.
Oh, man, I gotta remember that one, it's a real catchy phrase.
"The next dimension." Another howler! LOL
Politicians! Oh, you are going to kill me with your humour!
Do you know, you may be the funniest man alive?
George Bush, Karl Marx, Thaksin Shinawatra, Than Shwe, Tony Blair, Robert Mugabe: is there no end to them? Are those the choices you are giving me? ROTFL
By the way, I have nothing against the rich, per se. It's stupidity that I despise, and a belief in politicians may be the most stupid way of being stupid, the belief in a Judeo-Christian god alone excepted, and maybe also a belief in the illusion called "gay liberation".

Anonymous said...

Well thanks for the reality check. Sorry that my choice of politicians had no impact on you. Perhaps I forgot to mention all the other money stealing dictators around the world and all the military regimes that live off their national wealth.
But Im not sure that your anti gay remarks will be too welcome here on Sydney's blog.
Being gay is not a choice. You are simply born that way whether you like it or not. Some men have fought their feelings for 50 or more years pretending to play happy families with their so called wives. But most give in in the end. It's something you cannot fight.
Okay so you dont like me painting a rosy picture of my life and anything else that makes me happy.
I dont know your circumstances but clearly you are angry about something or many things.
I cant emember reading about Walt Whitman ever being angry at the world during the carnage of the Civil War where he witnessed death on a daily basis.
Perhaps you are the same person that disagreed with Sydney about America's bridges and the general infrastructure.
As for the 'Next Dimension' I was of course referring to a belief that many people around the world believe in including Buddhists.. something that even modern day Priests fear and certainly dont believe in.
Sadly most people were brought up indoctrinated so they only believe in what they were told. They cant think for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Look, I don’t want to cross swords with you. I think you are clueless with regard to my comments. Certainly I would never tell people how to live or what to do, something that the “gay liberationists” can’t seem to understand in their own campaigns. It is what has made “gays” the most hated subculture in the Western world today, the conclusion of a ten year study at the University of Chicago which was discussed at length on NPR when it was published a few years ago. But I don’t want to go into that since I don’t live in other people’s worlds, despite the fact that Sidney’s looks like fun.

It is quite obvious that you have never read any of Sidney’s diatribes against “gay liberation”. But nuance and subtlety don’t seem to be your trump suit, not to say that Sidney’s polemics have been very nuanced or subtle.

You likewise know nothing about Buddhism so I suggest you stick with your “priests” such as they are. How dare you be so presumptuous as to speak for the beliefs of “people around the world”! You know, deejohn, when I first read you, I had the suspicion that you were a priest, at least for a part of your life. You have done nothing to dispel that notion in my mind, but nevertheless, I wish you well, with whatever it is you think you do.

Anonymous said...

“In fact, there is really only the ibu, and nothing else. But the ibu is unreliable, paradoxical, perverse. There is only one single ibu, but nevertheless it behaves as if there were 4 billion or so. The ibu also knows that it invented the world and reality by itself, yet it still firmly believes that these hallucinations are real. The ibu could have dreamed an agreeable, unproblematic reality, but it insisted on imagining a miserable, brutish and contradictory world.
It has dreamed a reality in which it is constantly tormented by conflict, catastrophe, crisis. It is torn between ecstasy and boredom between enthusiasm and deception, between tranquility and agitation. It has a body that needs 2000 calories a day, that gets tired, cold, gets ill; it expels this body every 70 years or so - a lot of unnecessary complication.
In order to prevent itself from recognizing itself and finding out the dream character of its reality, the ibu has invented "others". It imagines that these artificial beings are like itself. As in an absurdist drama, it entertains "relations" with them, loving or hating them, even asking them for advice or philosophical explanations. So it flees from its own consciousness, delegating to others in order to be rid of it. It concretizes the "other" ibus by organizing them into institutions: couples, families, clubs, tribes, nations, mankind. It invents "society" for itself and subjects to its rules. The nightmare is perfect.”
- P. M.

Anonymous said...

sidneylann995 said...

That's the Spirit! Mix it up a bit. Though as for myself it's too damned hot!

Nearly 100f AGAIN!

Anyhow my dear friend deejohn I know where your Heart is you're a good man. Anonymous you are too.

We live in such hellish confused times. The static, contridictions, and unending mayhem sometimes drives good folks after each other.

I find myself in the same situation quite often around here. The unending heat don't help,...believe me.

We all know that one Billion,..that's billion with a "B!" A billion of our sisters, and brothers don't have clean drinking water. Many of then hardly any water of any kind.

So yes it may seem that a few Americans tossed into the Mississippi is no big deal.

Being a working class American I can tell you most of them were not rich. Industry has left that part of the States. Most of those brothers, and sisters of ours were most likely just making ends meet.

Not remotely rich or even comfortable by U.S. standards.

I know you meant now harm or disrespect to them or their families. It was the worlds gross injustice's stacked next to this tragic event that guided your words.

This world is so cruel, stupid, and murderous. Has been since the first villages were started. That began the cycle of haves, and have nots.

It also began our custom of organized warfare. My country just happens to be the latest Empire to be sucking the world dry.

I fear we won't be the last.

Anon., I like what you said about fun.

This is what I intentionally try to make these pages, these worlds you all visit,..."fun".

Thank you for saying that. It's what I've been trying to do for all of you, and me.

Keep cool, stay friends, tend your gardens. DeeJohn my dear pal, and Anonymous please be at peace.

Much love to you all.

(Btw, I thought the whole "Royal Tigers" thing was cool, and I may do more of that.)

sidneylann995 said...

Hi deejohn,

Yeah stacking, and storing my toys has become a problem. Collecting them has replaced my former mainia which was cocaine.

A reasonable alternate obsession under the circumstances. Anyway I always loved doll, toy, models, and such.

It's the fun of inventing new worlds with them. Some better, some just nuttier. It's sort of what I'm lately trying to do here with'em.

Btw have I over done it with my little folks, and models. Are you guyz tired of them.

Please tell me. I wants you to like it here.

As for storing'em, my stuff, funny you should mention that. I was just out buying various boxs, and containers for my priceless junk.

Americans may not be all rich, but we all have tons of "junk". Physical items to fill the void of our post modern lives.

Anyhow take care, and beware all that flooding!

Anonymous said...


This is the best explanation I have read about how the nightmare began. You may want to read it since it deals with things you discuss all the time. Its short too:

By the way, I always have fun. In fact, I love my life, forward and backward, and would have no other. But as I said earlier, I don’t live in other people’s worlds.