Sunday, August 19, 2007

"Lili Marlene"


Ai said...

Ingenious. Only you could come up with something like this!

From star-lit chambers beyond the Strait of Magellan, Lale Andersen and Marlene Dietrich are blowing you angel kisses.

Please have a look at my blog Sidney... I promised you nice self-pics and hope you are satisfied with the result.

Luv to you and the Royal Court from

Ai said...

PS: Don't be sad about the diet. I have been living on a dietary plan for years now and it works. A happy life doesn't need an excess of greasy hamburgers or buttercream cake.

Der F├╝hrer war ein Genie! said...

The GREASY HAMBURGERS und BUTTERCREAM CAKE is for the England people!
Sidney is going on a diet of Blutwurst and beer!
What is the secret place you have made to find Barbie in Buchenwald mojo?
This page and the page for Ai and deejohn is now just some crazy poofta stuff! Already too many poofs but no BOYS!

sidneylann995 said...

Hi Adolf,

Com'on I'd love to post lovely lads here. However our dear friends at Blogspot would perfer that I didn't.


Afterall it is their patch, and they're letting me use it for free. My other page I pay for, and have more control over.

Apparently business is indeed business.

sidneylann995 said...

Hello A.I.!

Thank you for your kind words. I've always loved "Lili Marlene". My parents had an old 78rpm record copy of it.

So as a child I was familiar with the song. Sometimes my Daddy would play it. He was in the War. He wold play that, and Benny Goodman stuff.

In the 1950's the War wasn't that long ago. Anyhow I'm glad you like the "doll play" about the song.

Soldiers, Germans, Brits, and G.I.'s all loved the song. This because they all wanted to go home.


Ai said...

Lili Marleen was very popular in the erstwhile Soviet Union, too. After all, this song was first played by Radio Belgrad and its fame spread from the East to the West.

Ex oriente lux!