Sunday, August 12, 2007

"Ground Zero"

It'll be six years since the 9/11 attacks against the United States next month. In that time we've launched a major war at a country that had nothing to do with that day, and have lost important rights at home.

"Habeas Corpus" is gone, and btw they can torture you if the want to now. They just send you to a country where it's legal, and go to work on ya. Mind you I'm no "terrorist lover", or 9/11 "nut job" like most of the left. I'm just a guy freaking out over what's going down.

Anyway I think it's very symbolic that "Ground Zero" the site of the worse attack is still just a hole in the ground. Six years later, and still nothing.

I took a walk over there around noon today. It's profoundly striking. There's nothing there. The wind was blowing dust from the crater it was getting into the eyes of the tourista's. No activity, no work.

I saw a security guard in his little shed,...sleeping. I don't blame him since there was nothing to do, nothing going on. Even the hawkers selling relics had moved on. There used to be loads of them guys selling photo sets of the collaspe, and bit's of the wreckage. Even they were gone.

Ya know they built the Empire State Building in about a year. Same with the Chrysler Building. We, and the Allies defeated the Nazi's, and the Japanese Empire in just four years. If you count from Pearl Harbor to Nagasaki.

The Pentagon then the biggest building on Earth was put up in a year, and a half. However after six years, about 2000 days we have nothing in New York. Not a Memorial, not a new building.

What we do have are very rich powerful interests fighting over the local realestate, and giving us hideous designs for the site. That, and the war, and loss of some our primary rights.

So in a way it's fitting that the World Trade Center ruins or "Hole" has become a symbol of what we are these daze. Btw, they're still finding bones, and body parts in the debris. I pray they will one day rest in peace.

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(Speaking of the End of the World here's a clip from the best episode of the old "Millenium" series)


Anonymous said...

Dearest Sidney, I see you have taken to displaying the royal emblem of the King of Thailand. It's a very nice touch. People in Thailand wear this emblem on yellow shirts to show support of the King, who is gracious, kind and intelligent. He is the world's longest reigning monarch and it is nice to see your support of him.
Maybe you should move here and forget about that great big hole in the mind, America.
Here we accept our fate. Did you know that Bangkok is sinking at the rate of 100mm a year and will be under water in less than twenty years?
All things perish. Please don't forget that. It may well be the only universal law without exception.
Metta, (parahita-parasukha-kamana),
Poon Tang (BKK)

sidneylann995 said...

Hello Anonymous,

I always thought the Royal Crest of Thailand was lovely. I hope you don't mind my using it for on The Royal Republic.

While all of Asia burned, and decended into madness Thailand managed to stay an oasis of relative peace, and sanity.

Your King, and his advisors are to be honored for their wisdom. The Mayhem could have so easily crossed your borders more than they did.

Thank you for the invitation, you're very kind. However I'm a New Yorker, and a Yankee so I'm staying where I am.

Hopefully I can contribute to the movement that's trying to make America be what it sez it is.

As for all things perishing yes I know that all too well. So many friends, and family have gone. The world I grew up in is also gone.

I'm a stranger in a strange land. As are we all.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Sidney, You are so kind and have such kind words for our King Rama IX, Bhumibol Adulyadej. It is always a sign of great respect to use the King's Emblem as you have done. That someone so far away does so is a very moving gesture to any Thai person.
Bangkok, which in Thai short version is simply Krung Thep, "City Angels". Full name is 163 letters and no need to try to remember it.
Here there are many beautiful boys to contemplate in all their glory.
You are welcome to use the King's emblem. It is also a pleasure to welcome you to come and visit the Kingdom and enjoy us.
Metta, (parahita-parasukha-kamana),
Poon Tang (BKK)

Ai said...

I know why I love this country. Alas, I've never been there but some of my friends are from Thailand, and they are very wise and charming persons. Just as our "Metta" posting here.

ขอให้โชคดี Sidney, in recovering from the tornado impact!


Der Führer war ein Genie! said...

I want to go to Thailand also! We are thinking together! ||

Ai said...

Okay, deal. Travelling with someone of your name will be fun!

A friend of mine called Adolf (the poor dear was born in '44) had to travel to Arab countries in his youth, he being a luxury car salesmen. To this very day he not-so-fondly remembers the cheerful grin of the passport control officers...