Monday, August 27, 2007

"Red Brawn" part III,..( find parts I,& II in my archives)


Anonymous said...

Sidney, Why did they remove the hell page? I can see by Red Brawn that you are very angry. Please don't get yourself sick over this bull. I signed up at Flickr and got to see all your pics and art work. I love what you are doing with all the dolls. Gotta go. Susan

Anonymous said...

Sydney, Have you returned to the Royal fold? Have the Royal Palace gates been opened once again?

Ai said...

Call the royal pages and knights! Le Roi suprême is back to stay!!!

But hey, I guess your loyal and wise advisor Lady Susan is right. Don't let the bad feelings take you over. Put up with Blonde Barbie instead of Red Brawn!

Luv and Peace from
Ai xoxoxox

sidneylann995 said...

Hi Lady Susan, and my dear MInister's deejohn, and a.i.!

Yes I've re-established the Royal Court. Holy crap it's been one krazy summer in the realm. We've been on the run more than the Romanov's, and the Mexican Hapsburg's combined!

Sadly a portion of the Imperial Archives were lost to the pillaging by the barbarians.

However thanks to the heroic efforts of Rev.Martin, and Nurse Pickles much was saved. So rebuilding is possible.

Btw I will admit that I went nuts for awhile. Also the damned meds weren't any help.

Blogsphere is a dangerous continuium. Full of all sort of cyber sharks, and demons. We must be ever vigilant.

Anyway the Palace is open for business again. A new season is upon us. Fall on the horizon at last.

So let us be of good heart. I will dampen my rages, and be optimistic, and of good cheer again.