Sunday, August 5, 2007

"Where Do Gay People Come From?"

Where do "Gay" folks come from? Well far, far way in the magic Land of Summer. The Great Queen of all the Faeries has a book. In it are the names of very 'special' girls, and boys. These youngsters were born with especially gentle souls.

Every year on Soltice eve the Great Queen sends forth the Faerie G-d Sisters, and Brothers of these kindly ones. The faeries fly to earth. They soar to the strange, and sad world of men. When they arrive, like the good Peter Pan of legend, they look for, and find their spirit kin.

Quietly, nimblely they climb through the windows of palaces, and tenements. They tiptoe to the bedsides of their earthly siblings. Who are awake, and waiting.

In a splash of golden sparks, and silver shimmers off they fly! The children, and their faerie kin hand in hand fly to the moon! To the farside of the moon. That place where the machines of men never go. To the hidden Lands of Summer.

Rainbow trees grow there. There are candy gardens, and singing flowers. You can swim in clear blue green seas, and sleep in beautiful pavilions made of dreams, and wish's.

The children of earth arrive, and are greeted with smiles, and laughter. They spend months in joyful play,learning, and dance. Though back on earth barely an hour has passed so the tyrants, and bullies are none the wiser of their leaving.

Their faerie kin take them for for rides on winged zebra's! They fly in, and through the clouds of Jupiter! Through the woven rings of Saturn then to the world at the end of the rainbow. Where the Great Queen of all the Faeries,..the true Faerie G-d Mother teach's them to speak in poetry, and paint with light.

After this, and much, much more they're flown home. Be that home fine or sad, but now they are strong. They have the "seeing", and no person or circumstance can take that away.

Their faerie family takes them home. Tucks them into their beds gives each of them a loving kiss on their foreheads, and then returns to Faerieland in a cloud of sparkles!

Next morning when they awake,...these heartful innocent one's are Gay.

(I originally wrote, and posted this on my "Inkplum" gay page. Sadly that was as you know deleted. That's alright, we'll rebuild here.)


d. chedwick bryant said...

I like the idea of a candy garden. Candy weeds would taste really good too, so I could just lounge around and not worry about working there.

sidneylann995 said...

They used to have a candy mountain, but the "Faerie Corp of Engineers" tore it down. Everybody was always eating, and or climbing it.

No magic was being done!

The Faeries G-d Mother had to put her foot down on that one.

'But to make up she installed a deep fried pork chop machine in the rec room. Hey not all faeries are vegies ya know.