Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"Royal Flying Corp"

Attention all lads, and lassies! Our brave "Royal Flying Corp" is seeking replacements for the heroic daredevils of the air lost in the recent defence of our beloved Realm. We promise adventure, honor, and glory! Also free cable, and pizza at all of the Royal Airdromes.

So be among the few, the brave, the deranged, and intoxicated! Join up, and kick ass all over ther sky!


Kit said...

i absolutely love what you've done here. you've managed to get toys to say so much. keep it coming!

sidneylann995 said...

Hi kit!

I was just at your page very intimate, and sweet. You're posting from the Heart over there.

You're not physically shy either!

Good for you. Also thanks for visiting our Republic. Don't worry our borders are always open.

No papers needed, and we never, rarely have to deport anyone.

Btw stay tuned for some Astro Boy adventures here.