Sunday, August 19, 2007


Anonymous said...

OK, so what is the site you pay for where you have more freedom?
Do mean to tell us that you have to become a boring idiot to use Blogger?
That is too fantastic a price to pay!

sidneylann995 said...

I got tired of those guys tearing down my work. Blogspot has become more conservative. Or maybe it always was,..not sure.

Anyway it's too limiting. My pervert page is far tamer than I'd like. It's okay, and yes I still like posting here, but I have to censor myself.

Bleep that.

I'm over at flickr now. I'll put a link up later to night.

sidneylann995 said...

Anyway I think that flickr is members only. You have to have a free or pay site to see each others pages.

Least that's what it looks like. I'm asking a pal what the deal is. So I don't think a link is possible.

Anonymous said...

When I first mentioned images of dusky boys on flickr you said you didn't go there. Then I sent you URLs to directly link you to some nice brown boys. Now you are over at flickr? Do you have a page there? We want dark boys!!! Not to be kept in the dark!!! OK?

Anonymous said...

Look Sidney, following in Groucho's footsteps, I wouldn't belong to any club that would allow me as a member!

I look at flickr where I can go without paying and without joining anything.

Now whether you can POST there without joining is yet another question. But to look at things like "Beautiful Boys" and "DangerMousey" you need not join or pay for anything.

Fill us in on what you are doing there, OK?

sidneylann995 said...

I'm going through a serious actionfigure, and doll phase right now.

I'm doing it both here, and at flickr. The only difference is that here it's "PG-13", and at flickr it's "Unrated".

Although they can limit you too if ya don't follow proceedure. Ya has to "tag" your sensitive stuff so no one will blunder into a gang bang.

They're warned before the go in. I can live with that.

sidneylann995 said...

Hi anon,

There's some technical problem. When I tried to link this blog to my flickr site it connected to all my private info, and mail.

I don't think I want that stuff all over the universe. Give me a few daze to figure out what's going on . Hey I'm still learning what the page actually can do.

There's probably some simple thing I haven't "clicked" yet.

Stay tuned.

Josh said...

Yay, Anonymous mentioned 'Beautiful Boys' :o)

I just mailed you regarding the flickr link Sidney :)

sidneylann995 said...

Thanks josh!

Okay I've posted my flickr page link. However you need to have an acct. free or pay to see all my stuff.

Non-members only see the "safe" material.

Mind you I'm not doing X-rated things. Just the sort of nudes I was doing here, but there's a block so non-members won't be offended.

See you there.

Ai said...
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Anonymous said...

OK, I have found your Flckr site and it is great! Thanks!
I want to be very polite, something that does not come naturally to me. Sidney, do you know of the concept of "identification with the aggressor"? With regard to the photos that you have posted of the Oscar Wilde Memorial Bookshop, I suggest you walk into their store and show them a few of the books you have published, some of your art, and just casually bring up a few of your "gay" interests. But be ready to run like hell!
Saying that they have been open for 40 years and were the world's first gay bookstore only informs me that they have had 40 years during which to oppress every type of activity that does not conform exactly with their narrowest of narrow idea of what "gay" is. That bookshop is run by the worst fascists in NYC. That's as polite as I can be, thank you.

sidneylann995 said...

Hi anonymous!

Glad ya likes my flickr pages. Btw if you open a free acct for yourself you can see the von Gloeden nude prints. Also all of my gay Astro Boy, and doll pix's.

As for going to the Oscar Wilde bookstore with my Queer naked boy Angel art books. Ha!

I did.

'Guess what,...they carried them for a few years in the 1970's. Then I think it was in '78 or '79. Back there somewhere.

Anyway first they removed them from display, and literally put them under the counter, later they put'em in the back room.

You had to ask the clerk for them specifically. Of course they didn't tell anyone they were available...ya had to know.

When it became clear too many "knew" they wouldn't take them from me at all.

The store hasn't carried my stuff since the Carter administration.

I have to say this was at first the work of hostile lesbians who saw all boylove, regardless, as rape.

From their pov it was just an extention of the violent male sexual power hedgemony over the women, and girls.

They were correct about that "Hedgemony". I was called sissy, and beaten often enough as a kid to know that it certainly existed.

Sadly my " gay sisters" back then took their reactions against it to mean spirited, and even silly extremes.

(Similar to Blacks that become racist's in reaction to racism. Such a sad, and confusing world we live in.)

It got to the point years later that they wouldn't even allow the video of Visconti's film of "Death in Venice" to be carried in the shop.

Mr. Rodwell, may he rest in peace, agreed with this ideology, and it was 'his' store so that was that.

That's the story.

Still yes I 'do' respect them for their first 10 years, 1967~77. Up to then they were the very first on Earth open, progressive Gay Bookstore.

I very much agree w/u that the next 30 years, 1977~2007, are another matter.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your historical relation of the O. W. Bookstore. I wouldn't dream of going near the place! In fact, I had heard a few years ago that they had gone out of business. Anyway, I don't give a damn about them and they can rot in hell for all I care along with that rainbow flag which has become meaningless and debasing. The best bookstore in the world today, and that's all that counts when we get down to brass tacks, is INTERMALE in Amsterdam now that Glad Day has gone out of business in Boston. I know Glad Day's manager opened a new place in town, but to judge from his on-line catalog, its pretty lackluster, BUT the guy running it is certainly worthy of support. So is Ian Young in Canada although his on-line site has not been updated in a long time. You and Ian go way back Sidney!
Flckr isn't worth the effort it takes to get its meager and pathetic offerings. Too much time wasted for the effort one must put into getting things from it which are likewise boring for the most part. Orpheo had one of the greatest photographs I have ever seen on his site which you drew my attention to and within a week or so that image was removed. Also, I have serious questions about privacy issues with most of these newer ventures.
There are methods, using the internet, that one can avail oneself of, which are not new and faddish things, that are excellent and I am happy with them, and their privacy aspects have stood the test of time.
Ai, I have no way of knowing the name of your flckr site, and if it requires joining anything, I'm not the least bit interested in hearing about it. Also, in looking at the images you have posted on your blog right now, it must be a lot of fun hearing what YOU have to say coming from that body.
deejohn is really funny spouting off about Buddhism specifically and philosophy in general. deejohn, you're a gas! You may think I have an acid tongue and am impolite, but I do not make veiled statements which are in reality condescending. I say what I feel like, admit that I'm wrong if necessary and have the ability to laugh at myself.
But Sidney, you are a real prince among people who use blogs. Were it not for you, I don't think I would even look at anything using these trendy new mediums which have been packaged for idiots. But to you, I want to offer all my encouragement!
You're a real champ Sid!

Anonymous said...

sidney, is that an original Barbie doll? Susan

Ai said...
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Ai said...

Lady Susan:
I'm curious too, if she is original or not. Judging from the hair (Saran), the doll could be a vintage repro, probably made of Silkstone.

Love to you and Princess Maya,

Anonymous said...

Flickr is a flying bore! Too much effort for too little return. Stick with your Dubai nose jobs: that is where your real expertise is as is plain from all the photos of yourself you have been posting in your recent incarnation as a bleached tart.
Most Bloggers and Flickerers seem to live in a desert and settle for the few scraps that the status quo throws to them or allows them among themselves. Imagine living in a world where you wonder if Goggle or Yahoo are going to take you down at any given moment. And only god knows who the fuck is collecting information about you in the process that you call having a "hullevua good time". Holy shit!
If I am going to spend my time on something, I want Bang For My Buck! I also expect privacy, something most of the nitwits here will never understand.
Look, I don't want to deny anyone his simple pleasures. But I demand a lot more out my life than this! You've wasted your first two wishes, but alas, you're third has come true.

Anonymous said...

"True friends stab you in the front." Oscar Wilde.

Anonymous said...

Ai, for all the bitching you do about me, it certainly doesn't take you long to overreact to any little thing I warn you about! You are really funny. I wonder what other rash actions you will take?
I really didn't mean to put such a sticky end to your "hullevua good time over there" as you referred to it.
You know, once your stuff goes out into cyberspace, it is there forever for all practical purposes. Closing accounts really doesn't change much.

Ai said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Don't panic Ai! I see you still left a couple of your sites intact. Good you didn't go whole hog and close down your whole operation. I'm really glad since I sincerely have no intention of spoiling your fun.

Ai, do you also expect Sidney to be a good little obedient clone of yours? Are you trying to be a Furer of your own? I know that the Germans pride themselves on how well they obey orders and keep such tidy houses. But really, you shouldn't expect the world to march to your orders. Lots of people have tried that in the past, and if history is any judge, it does not work. You know?
Luv & Kisses Ai

Anonymous said...

Comon Sydney, Get rid off this sperm of the Devil. The guy clearly has no friends or even a life. 'ai' is 'ai', someone we all like. Anon is anon, which means that you or any of us dont even know him, and I suspect that no one does either. He hides behind his anonimity. Now HE is a prime example for retrospective abortion.
Someone said that he seems to be full of hate, well I agree.
Dont be fooled Sydney by his praise for you. People like this dont live off H20 and Oxygen, they can only feed off with hatred for others.
Sydney there is a cancer in your blog right now. Time to give the blog some medicine.

Oh and Anon, If I've said anything to insult you, I've tried my utmost, believe me.


Anonymous said...

Dear John,
You will have to try much harder to insult me since I have a very thick skin which is accustomed to fascists hurling abuse at me. I consider it a badge of honor that those who would deny me my freedom hurl abuse at me. Thank you very much for your high praise!
Would you suggest that I turn the other cheek and love those who want to burn us at the stake?
Sidney knows all too well the very different world that he and I grew up in and we have been badly shortchanged. He overlooks the hatred that others have for him. I do not. I don't like the direction that the so-called "gay" world has gone in for more than a quarter century now. I am not going to become "acceptable" to what today is a travesty of what I once considered my birthright.
Thank you again for your high praise and compliments.
With the kind of fascist mentality I see in the blogs these days, I seriously doubt there is much point to my visiting here much longer although I have liked Sidney for longer than most who come here I suspect. Sidney's was the last place I felt I could find something that I feel comfortable with. Certainly his is one of the last programs worth listening to on BAI! I don't like to feel flames at my heels, all the more so from those who consider themselves so "liberated"! What a laugh! But the joke is ultimately on you, not me.

Anonymous said...

"you shouldn't expect the world to march to your orders"

Sounds like something you should tell the US-Invaders, not the Germans ;)

Anonymous said...

Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum do I hear the voice of a bleached tart or an Englishmum?

sidneylann995 said...

I will be brief. If there is another attack by one of my guests on another for any reason I will disable the "Comments" portion of our blogs.

As much as I love hearing from all of you I will not have this place become yet another arena of bad feelings.

I believe we all have more than enough of that in our lives already. I intended the "Republic" as a good natured refuge from all that.


Anonymous said...

Anon, Just to close out this chapter, and it will be a great relief to many that you will be departing these pages, you say that both you and Sydney grew up in a similar hostile world. Well thankfully Sydney came out of it ok. You could even say that he has an almost Christian like attiude towards the hate he received in the past.
But quite clearly you did not come out of your past turmoils in such a healthy mental state, and yes I guess I feel sympathy for you.
Find a friend or even a partner, it might even reduce the sheer hatred that you seem to have for many people and things, dare I say mankind.
I cant think why you accuse others of being fascists and bigots. Thats the kind of attitude that emanates from your very being.
To me you actually sounded intelligent at first but as soon as I read about your hatred rantings then I lost all respect for you, particularly with your nation bashing and people hating. It's just so childish and immature.
Yes Sydney's is a fine blog and very entertaining. And yes there are other good one's on Blogger despite what you say. Im tempted to open one up for myself, oh but in your eyes that would make me stupid wouldnt it.

Just to help out Sydney I wont respond to your inevitable must always get the last word in comment. But hey can you resist going for one more attack? I doubt it. Go on,try, but you'll fail.

But boy do you need some lurvin man. It just might drown out all that hate!
Im off to bed now. A beautiful rascal awaits me in my love sack. I must go. I cannot resist his call. He is telling me to abandon all this internet bickering.
Carry on and spread your hate Anon while I partake in some 'LOVE' Dont worry he is off legal age, but only just barely.
You see Anon how 'LOVE' has even changed the tone of my thoughts.
Oh Sydney Id better finish, the boy is doing something naughty!


sidneylann995 said...

Dear John,

The "naughtier" the better!

Sweet Dreams.

sidneylann995 said...

Dear Anon,

I know the temptation to rage, and attack. You've seen the barely contained violence in some of my rants.

We're both walking wounded to be sure. However don't give in to the pain brother. You do, and they win. Their victory over your soul is total

You give in, and they will have made you one of them.

My dear anon, sweet dreams to you to, and to all the wronged, and harmed out there.


sidneylann995 said...

As for our "Barbie" my dear Lady Susan, and Royal Minister A.I.

As it happens she's a replicant, and not an original. Her design is from the early 1960's.

I saw her in the window of a shop on the upper westside, and rushed in to adopt her.

My sister had several just like her. I at the time secretly wanted some too. However times being what they were then,...well.

As for the fashion fur Barbie she's contemportary. One of the upscale collectors editions. The nice person at the shop asked if I wanted to "insure" her.

Ya know some Barbies have more insurance than working Americans do. Another one of those strange contridictions of a free country.

Anyway I politely declined, but told her not to worry. I was going to give her a good, and safe home.

Inside her comfy collectors box "Fashion Barbie" smiled.