Monday, July 30, 2007

"Fun with your Toys"

Boy I sure hope Blogspot don't get mad at me again. I'm getting tired of starting from scratch!

You'll note that "Astro" is being a good boy. No oral or anal sex this time! Blog hosts please note the chasteness of his embrace of dear old "Tink!"

For heavens sakes they're both Queer's from way back. In fact they was both at "Stonewall" so give'em a break.

(The cartoon company paid off the press to spike their pictures, but I'll come up with them next week,...stay tuned)

They're just friends.

On the other hand what's up with Buddha, and Wonder Woman? Are they an item?

See the last pix where "Astro" gets mugged by a fish. Reminds me of an episode of the "Goon Show". Btw much brotherly love, and a tip of da Crown to Admiral Pickles for an excellent hand job.

Eh,...what I meant to say was that my dear Grand Admiral provided a steading hand for our cute toys while I attempted to make snaps of them. Production Assistant is what I meant to say. Her husband would'a gave me the hand job.

We was both Gay Radicals, and pals in the old daze, but he was a tad too old for me if ya gets my drift. Ahh life. Ya never know what's gonna happen. My Gay Comrads gets hitched to a swell gal, and I secretly build Queer Angel robots in my basement. Go figure.

Well time for me to hit da sack. You folks be nice to each other okay.

See ya in a day or two.



Anonymous said...

Certainly I am not an expert in this regard, but it is my guess that a person (a hacker?) other than "Blogger" took down your inkplum site. If you try to go to your old inkplum page, you see a blog called "ACME" with a username of "REZ". If you click on his profile you come up with a lot of crazy links including one directed at You are not the first person that this character has attacked, and I suspect that he has nothing to do with "Blogger".

Anonymous said...

Just for info, about the deleted comments by "Der Führer war ein Genie":

This is German and means "The Leader (= Hitler) was a Genius".

This isn't funny anymore but outright criminal. High time for Blogspot to change its policy! Beth is right.

- A Friend

Der Führer war ein Genie! said...

O Freunde, nicht diese Töne!

Der Tourführer zum Himmel

Anonymous said...

This is really funny! A visitor to a site which among other things appeals to pedophiles is making a call for Blogspot to make free speech a crime! And he has the gall to call himself “A Friend”. I wonder who this loon is and where he might live. Hmmmm…

sidneylann995 said...

Oh for Heavens sakes. All this trouble just because Astro Boy, and his horny cousin Jiro had a Queer orgy on my dearly departed "Inkplum" page.

As for "Der Fuhrer" Astro is again guilty. Go to my "Hell on the Rocks" pages. So far it's still there.

Anyhow my little perverted pal Astro is goose step'n raise'n his plastic arm to that demented paper hanger.

As for REZ we chatted once or twice a while back. He insist's he's not anti-gay, but doesn't want to see little kids molested.

Who da hell does?!

I thought I was clear about that on my deleted page. My point was that youths, teenagers should be part of the normal erotic realm.

As they always had been till this era of hysteria. Much classic art gay or otherwise gloried youthful beauty.

If anybody bothered to read my stuff, and see the art I put up in it's rightful context they'd see where I was com'n from.

On a minor note, to speak. I don't think my art or my work here appeals to child molesters.

Good grief, as I wrote I was abused routinely as a kid. I'd hardly put up stuff in praise of that. So I'm a tab uncomfortable with the ped label.

I've seen pedophile sites, and they're depressing self appologetic sad places. One doesn't go there for inspiration or laffs.

Aw hell maybe I should just post pix's of dead flowers along with my exceedingly bad poetry.

Eh,...blogspot doesn't have rules about crummy poetry does it?

sidneylann995 said...

And another thing.

One of the rules around here is that you can say any deranged shit on any subject ya want, but ya can't attack or threaten each other.

There's plenty of message boards out there for that sort of fun.

I should know I subscribe to several.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct on so many things, Sidney.

Just a few years ago, the word pedophile was a medical term, as were all the "philias", and without moral implication. A "philia" is simply a love of something. But somewhere morality got interjected into all this, and as we know, morality changes with the wind AND puts an end to thought.

Sometimes, like now, there is an ill-wind.

And this is largely a Western curse. Without going into it in detail, Jospeh Campbell made the observation that " the East there is the idea of the inherent innocence of Nature, even in what appears to our human eyes and sentiments to be its cruelties...".

But my favorite thinker really had what I consider to the be last word on this matter:

"...everything we do, if we need to say this a thousand times, is innocent."

Anonymous said...

And again, and this time the complete statement:

“It would be terrible to still believe in sin; on the contrary everything we do, if we need to say this a thousand times, is innocent.”

Anonymous said...

Hey Sidney… I’m really glad to see you put up a link to WFMU. That has to be the best radio station in America; maybe the world. I was a big WBAI fan for a very long time, longer that I care to remember, but after that fiasco Eutrice Leid created, I really soured on what has become of it. You may be one of the last lights left there Sidney, at least from a listeners point of view.

But WFMU embodies everything I think a radio presence should have.

Anonymous said...

Sidney, thank you for setting things right - and for putting certain people in their place. BTW I got news from Blogspot, they'll take care of the pest.

Three cheers from

- A Friend

sidneylann995 said...

I'm sorry to say WBAI is up da creek for sure. The program Director, and his nutty pals have been pumping out insane black ethnic racist, and paranoid conspiracy crap for years.

This has driven about a third of our listeners away. Sad.

My family was in the Civil Rights movement. I actually met Dr. King when I was a little boy. This is why I'm so opposed to racial identity of "any" kind.

To me it's evil.

So seeing blacks become as racist as those that torment us is heart breaking.

This is what ruined the radio station. In the name of various ideological delusions an unholy alliance of white radicals, and black race nationalist have destroyed Wbai's reputation.

Mind you the station will survive, but it's going to takes years to clean up the mess.

Did I mention besides the regular Jew bashing they're also homophobes.

Good grief we were blasted in the N.Y.Post for that a few weeks ago.

..and they're a rightwing paper that's how low we've gone.

Nevermind all that for now. Do me a favor...

What would you like to see on my blog? I know very, very few of you like to post, but nevertheless you come. So break radio silence just for now, and let me know what you like.

It would really help me rebuild my blogs.


Anonymous said...

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