Friday, July 27, 2007

"Inkplum has fallen. Long live our Brave'n Good "Inkplum!"

Greetings my Good, and Loyal Comrads. Your Sovereign, and assorted Grand Admirals, Ministers, and Nobility are safe, and in generally good humor. This after our embattled flight from the seige of Royal Summer Palace.

The forces of censorship, and boredom have breached our borders, and forced a temporary retreat from our beloved digital environs. However take heart my dear subjects. Your favorite Royal blogs, save our sadly lost "Inkplum", do survive, a way.

They now exist as ghostships forever adrift in the digital sea. They shall wander aimlessly for all time in the sargosso sea of "one's, and zero's". You may visit them even leave comments on them, but I cannot add new posts.

Yes your Sovereign is locked out. When the barbarian hoards laid waste to our much loved "Inkplum" protectorate they vaporized our only pathway into the inner working of our lost realm. Tis' a bitter, and cruel fate to so fair, and just a blog.

So please visit our lost blogs while they are still afloat. Indeed I have reproduced two short tales from our lost "faerieland" provience. Which I hope will both move, and amuse you.

To access our "Ghost Blogs" just go to the links patch on the right,..."Sydneyland"

To Victory!

(Below, "Ghost Riders in the Sky!)

(Btw below are a few of my cute stories. If you're not in the mood cool, just scroll past them. There's some naked people further down.)

Stay Tuned.

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