Sunday, July 29, 2007

"The Realm 2:30 AM"

Your beloved sovereign wanders the steamy streets of our realm in the earliest hours to make sure all is well. Indeed it was a peaceful night, and early morning in the Royal Republic. A few happy comrads, and their dog were also on the nightwatch. We bade each other good 'morrow, and continued our rounds.

Sleep peacefully my dear good, and loyal subjects,...all is well. However the dawn will break hazey, and hot. Such are summer's in our graceful realm.

(Btw, I've just added Ray Barreto's "El Watusi" to our profile's audio clip. It's the new National Anthem of our Royal Republic.)

Below is a different City lost in another kind of night.


Ai said...

Thanks so much Sidney, for your kind words on the lil A380 and what came with it. Check out my blog, I put up a special entry for you. Eye candy. Nuff said.

Your photos are great - each time I look at them I wanna go back to N.Y., my favourite city. Especially since you live there

Best wishes to you and your loved ones (Lady Susan, Princess Maya,...). Have a great week!

- Ai

sidneylann995 said...

A lovely youth! Seeing him reminds me of our conversations about the fleeting nature of boyish beauty.

We go from bright soft pedals to coarse leaves, and thorns so quickly.

Men should work at maintaining their gentleness. Like music it must be worked at everyday.

I'm glad you enjoy my snaps of the city. I'm in the habit now of taking pix wherever I go around town.

Maybe one day I'll get good at this.