Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Defence of the Realm!"

"To Arms!" My good, and loyal subjects! The forces of reaction, and censorship have breached our sacred borders! We shall not be defeated! We shall battle these bland hoards back to the cybernetic void from which they sprang.

The "Royal Republic of Sydneyland" lives! Indeed a Royal beach party is in the planning. Ah, eat'n "Nathans" hot dawg's while wander'n around on the splittery Coney Island Broadwalk!

Heaven on Urth,...while it lasts.

Below is a new addition to our "Imperial Air Service". A.I. our gracious "Minister of Beauty, and Thoughtful Kindness" has presented us with an "A-380". The worlds largest air bus. Indeed I believe the entire population of our Just, and Good Royal Republic can comfortably fit inside.

So when vacation time comes the whole Realm can go to Disney World at the same time! We do most humbly thank you dear Minister A.I. for this, and the other gifts you have bestowed on your Sovereign, Lady Susan, and the wise, and gentle Princess Maya.

Fare Thee Well our nobel friend.


Anonymous said...

Good man Sidney!

I was stunned to find your blog taken down by this Acme-Rez axis.
Just by surviving you fly in the face of those who deny you even a voice!

Give 'em hell!

d. chedwick bryant said...

I'm enlisting! Can I be in the Navy though?

Anonymous said...

HiYa Sidney!

You're even better looking today than you were in the 70s when you had that 'fro. Don't go getting any discount nose jobs in Dubai. We like you just the way you are!

Ai said...

I just posted on your 2nd blog:

but as I see this royal bulletin is alive and kickin'. Maybe it's the Dubai nose that gets in the way (these discount surgeries performed by former coal miners are all the same) but didn't you say that RR995 was hijacked too, and that you put up RR559 instead?

So what. Here you are back into broad daylight, and as our *nosey* friend so truthfully says we like you just the way you are!

I already said that you look gorgeous. So I won't write it again. Although I should. Honest.

Ai said...


I've got an original Soviet navy coat, as indestructable and gorgeous as our beloved sovereign himself. It's yours when you promise to take me on a cruise (not Tom)!


sidneylann995 said...

Greetings Comrads!

This page "Royal Republic 995" will be our new home. The other I deleted as it's way too early for a 2nd page.

As I've written several pals we have had to flee the seige of our summer palace.

Like the Romanov's we were on the road. Homeless, hungry, and suffering thirst from the extreme's of the heat.

But here we are by the grace of the G-ddess, and the kindness of our true friends re-established, and ready to battle all enemies of the realm!

As you have seen your heroic, and cute sovereign is "A-OK!" Pissed off! A bit upset, but open for business!!

Ha! I say to the forces of evil! Ha! again!

Btw dear indigo feline Chedwick you are hereby made an Admiral in His Majesty's Royal Republican Navy.

Your flagship shall be the newly commissioned dreadnaught "HMS Krazy Katt".

I know that our sacred shores will be safe with both you, and Admiral Pickles in command of our combined fleets.

To all my dear pals of the Anonymos community my humble thanks for your support, and affections. I shall try not to let you good folks down.

A.I. welcome back from vaction. Hope you liked Riga. Btw if the cold war had got hot one of my friends here at the radio station was in S.A.C., and trained to bomb that city.

Small world.

Anyhow thanks you for your support, and friendship through these months. Yes I just opened your wonderful gift package!

I love the suspenders exactly what we need! The airbus will be put to service in our airline "SydAir"

...Photos to follow!

I love the rabbit book. The art is swell. It's just like the fine childrens books my Grandmother used to give me! Thank you!!

I will forward all of the sweet gifts sent for Princess Maya that you included.

What a dear person you are.

Bless you all!