Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"My Little Army"


sidneylann995 said...

I just loves my little toy soldiers. I've had these guys almost as long as I've had my electric trains.

We're talking Kennedy Administration here.

Still don't get me wrong. Our Royal Republican Army is defensive only.

Though a fat lot of good they were when we were driven from our Summer Plalace!

Watch the papers for news of court marshall's, and mass demotions! Clearly a radical reorganization is called for.

Ai said...

Yours are nicer, although their gif comrades are livelier. Put one of them on your new blog to chase away evil att(h)ackers!

- Little Drummer Ai

Ibrhaim said...

Sidney - Thanks for providing a portal to a colorful world full of wonder...


sidneylann995 said...

As I've said toy soldiers, and scale models are the secret pleasure of more than a few peaceniks like myself.

It's a way to expend all the ozone, and static w/out actually bothering anybody.

Although a nice set of electric train does the trick as well.

I sincerely hope I never grow up!

sidneylann995 said...

Hello Ibrhaim,

Welcome to the Royal Republic! Thank you for your very kind words. Please visit, and comment as often as you like.