Thursday, September 30, 2010

"U.S. I.Q. Drops"

Well about 40 years of underfunding education here in the land of the free has resulted in a lower average I.Q.


I remember when they started making it difficult for folks to get a higher education back in the 1970. New York's City College which gave the country generations of scholars, politicians, and artists shut their doors to the working class.

It 'was' a tuition free institution, and was the route into the middle class for white ethnics. However that changed with the demographics of the city. Just when the student body began to get too brown, and black,...oops. The fees came in.

A coincidence of course.

Anyway multiply that by 40 years, and 50 states, and here we are. Not just the color angle, but a class knifing as well.

Maybe we should let somebody invade, and occupy us. Then they'll flood our basic services, education, with trillions of yen, and euros to nation build us 'back' to a civilized level.

A sort of "Mouse that Roared" in reverse.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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graymogul said...

Looks like the People's Republic of China is cast as the aggressor.
The PRC has the largest army in the world, but they lack the transport necessary to get to North America. The U.S. Navy is incredibly bigger than the PRC's, so any fleet of junks will be shot to pieces.
If the Chinese invade North America and disrupt our economy, then, who will buy the output of China's factories?
Frankly, it does not seem like a credible story. Hollywood's current formula for success requires a villain with a British accent. The new Red Dawn looks like a loser.