Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Republican Maniacs Win!"

(No offense to J.C. it's some of his fans that are the problem.)

The far right candidate of the Delaware Republican party, Christine O'Donnell, has won the primary for the Senate. Defeating the moderate Republican traditionalist Mike Castle.

Pundits are saying that the Reps have unleashed radical movement they can no longer control. November 2010, and the November 2012 elections may see radical right candidates running for national office.

Depending on the stupidity of the American voters in these upcoming contests. We may either see drastic change to the very far racialist right or the final end of the Republican party as we've known it.

Given this country I'd say a bit of both.

I mean with so many of them Tea folks being so nuts that even traditionally stupid Americans may not vote for them. For heaven sakes that O'Donnell gal founded an organization to stop people from masturbating.

The only real fun the unemployed still have.

Apparently jerking off makes Jesus upset. That, and she wants to abolish Medicare, and Social Security.


As for this radical right movement. These guys are politically gambling the farm on appealing to as usual, white fear, and rage. The numbers say it all. By mid century this will no longer be a White country.

So no surprise that the Tea Party is 98% white, middle aged or elderly. This is why they say they, "...want their country back."

Thing is according to the Census the rest of us are out-fucking, which is to say out-babying them like crazy.

The Tea party is now clearly seen as the expected reaction to the on going ethnic shift in our beloved nation. The election of Obama, by a multi-class, race, and orientation coalition is the first unmistakable sign that the daze of the old hegemony are over.

America is re-making itself again,..that's what we do.

Anyway me, I'm not worried. That movement doesn't appeal to people under 30 so has no legs. That, and the biological fact that the "We want our Country Back" crowd will be gone in 10/20 years or so.

Yeah so will I, but so what I'm having a ball watching these guys go nuts.

The United States of American is becoming Brown. me.

Don't worry we'll be far nicer to you than you were to us,...mostly.


Zaek said...

"...that O'Donnell gal founded an organization to stop people from masturbating."

I knew there was a reason to dislike her - I mean, besides the fact that she's a Tea Party pinhead.

Those blockheads think that if they demolish entitlements and devote themselves to protecting tax breaks for the rich, the Reagan Revolution will return and it will be Morning in America again. Never mind that half the people will then have nothing with which to buy frivolities like, say, food. How wonderful that will be for the economy.

They also like to mindlessly intone the chant "Drill, baby, drill!", evidently in the belief that if they stick an oil rig in the ground somewhere and start pumping, then mother nature will be obligated to supply them with endless gushers of creamy milk chocolate sweet crude.

It looks to me like they may well succeed in tearing something apart. Whether that turns out to be the Republican Party or the country is as yet unclear.

It is the onset of a chilly twilight in America, and they are dingbats in the belfry of our gloaming.

Anonymous said...

Well Sydney as the wise philosopher had it every sperm is sacred.

On U.K. TV news last night they had this nut job and her mate Palin gurning like a pair of deranged half wits.

Good luck.

Fight the good fight and you know I don't mean for Jebus.

Today we have the start of his holiness the pontiff for kiddy fiddlers Adolph Volkswagen's state visit to our little Protestant island.

Oh joy of joy's and one of his nazi mate's had the nerve to complain that there was a militant atheism abroad in England.

Well my old cup cake if you don't like it fuck off or better yet don't bother coming.

Zaek said...

That doesn't seem like a fair representation of Sidney's remarks. I had the impression he was talking about human fetuses in a fairly advanced state of development. Not sure what I think about that myself, and with a little luck I'll never be called upon to make up my mind about it.

I suppose that Pope Maledict's Hitlerjugend pal Kasper the Unfriendly Spook was referring to the Reverend Dawkins of the Materialist Orthodox Church.

Thanks for the good wishes, we'll need them. And remembe, Jebus loves you!

Marxo Grouch said...

I comfort myself with the notion that the reason the right is getting so fucking crazy right now is because, whether consciously or unconciously, they know they're driving a junker that's set to break down and disingegrate by the side of the road sometime in the not-too-distant future. Well, that's social conservatism's fate anyway - just look at each successive generation. Fiscal conservatism may never die so long as there are selfish people, a.k.a. people, around, but I tend to think of social c. being the greater evil anyway - it is, after all, what gave us the Taliban, both eastern and western divisions. I'm sure a good argument could be made that fiscal c. is just as bad in its way - and the recently released poverty numbers would seem to back that up - but I just don't see it making people as scary crazy as social c. does.