Monday, September 20, 2010

"Brooklyn Whacked"

This is so typical of us. I saw the same madness on my block.

Watch video immediately above,'n enlarge on lower right.

Bleeping tornado tears the crap out of everything insight. Widows blown in, wreckage flying through the air, but Brooklyn maniacs are still happily driving their cars, walking around, and riding their bikes.

...note the genius walking his dog towards the end.

Storm? What storm?

However KFC runs out of chicken, and there's a riot.


Zaek said...

I like the guy riding a bike at 2:43 - 2:49. That's a howler.

graymogul said...

Probably some folks will blame the Brooklyn tornadoes on Global Warming.
However, the bizarre weather patterns of recent years are much more easily understood when viewed in context with other world events, e.g., the re-election of George Bush in 2004; our first black prez, Barack Obama; the Red Sox World Series wins in '04 and '07; the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers; the 2nd Gulf War and the hanging of Saddam Hussein.
Clearly, world weather patterns have been seriously affected and significantly disrupted by Hell freezing over.

Zaek said...

Yes, Global Weirding is warping the timespace continuum and thus producing these bizarre effects. The end result will be that hell will become like the Event Horizon of a black hole, a surface that a skateboard can bounce off of if you can handle the time dilation effect don't make a mistake. If you do, however...