Monday, September 13, 2010

"Monday the 13th"

Beware Friday the 13th falls on a Monday this month. Sneaky bastard. Don't date any black cats, so to speak, or drink any Lime Ricky's till sundown. Then of course it'll all be cool. Other than that it's a fine early fall day in the Emerald City.

I mean besides the rain, wind, and religious riots.

Btw some Chinese navy ships paid us a visit. They looked neat. I was especially happy that the comrades just came to say hi, and buy trinkets. Trinkets that were very likely made in Shanghai.

I'm not complaining. I'd rather run into these guys on the subway than have them off the coast lobbing missiles at us.

In checking out PRC naval design their older stuff is standard old Soviet format, but some of their newer ships seem to follow French designs. Interesting.

Like I sez just another swell day in da Land of da somewhat Free.

Stay tuned.


Zaek said...

Wind and rainy weather? Well at least it ain't a heatwave!

I'm afraid of China. They may well wind up lobbing shells at these shores before all's done, so it's good to see them buying their cheap junk back from us instead.

Uncle 2012 said...

I think we should be pals with China. One because they own our debt, and could call in our paper whenever they like.

The other because in a conventional war we may not be able to beat them anymore.

However with nukes they're toast.

Zaek said...

Good thinking.