Monday, September 6, 2010

"Hey I'm Good, I'm Okay"

Hi gang. It's been a tough summer, least for me. I got lost with the Dark Knight of the Soul for a while. It happens. Anyway a new season, new possibilities. I'm posting a piece from one of my other blogs.

Sometimes it helps to write down the obvious. So I did. Read on.

Above is one of Hofman Vlastmil's Angel/Faerie's, below is one of mine. There's a larger selection of Vlastmil's work in the next post.

Hofman apparently was able to see other worlds. He saw them, and painted them. I see them too, and write about, and draw what I see. Millions of others also see, though most mostly keep it to themselves.

This is a plea to open up about it. Tell us what you see, what you know. Tell the stories, paint the pictures, act the plays, make the films'n video's.

I prefer to live in the worlds of our various mythologies. Okay not all of them. I ain't crazy about having demons, and the undead running around. However the other lands, other realities that our species dreams into being call to me to us.

Like so many of you I have this bad feeling that I got left at the wrong stop. The "Department Temporal Assignment" made a hideous mistake sending me to this level of Hell. "Earth, Humanity, Post Industrial Chaos".

I think most of us were supposed to go to Paradise Level 12, "Celestial Ministry of New Souls, Orientation, and Complaints". Well in my case it'd be the "Ministry Old Souls Rehabilitation, Recreation, and Cardiovascular Re-plumbing".

However here we are.

I'm gonna sue.

Until then though being Human we can live in the past the present, and the future. I think only us the Whales, and Dolphins can do that on this level. Well, maybe Dogs, and likely Cats too.

All this being the case we can create alternate worlds to past the time while we serves our sentences on Earth. Sprites Faeries, Angels, Space Aliens, and Love In's are popular dreams. That Rainbow Family crowd, google them, sort of mix all that, and more together.

I wander around town with little Faeries, see above, and below. People loves them. Seeing these little folks makes folks smile. Even pissed off oppressed New Yorker open up.

I've had everyone from Gang Bangers, Cops, Evil Plutocrats, Homeless Comrades, and regular folks smile when these see my Fairy folks,..and me. Crack smiles is right,'s like the defensive masks break, and their Souls get to shine for a while.

Crazed New Yorkers are all Smiles when it comes to the Wee Folk.

Not bad for a Faerie.

To live, and live well here one must have a strong inner life. Otherwise there's only living death. Earth will do that to you. I mean it being just another level of Hell after all,..a minor one at that by the look of it.

So dream on gang, make worlds, better ones than this.

Because now, and then Dreams Come True.


Zaek said...

I'm glad to hear you're okay, despite the brooding introspective look in your photo with the visor. It's very James Dean.

I like to live mythologically too. I've been slowly drifting away from a strictly materialist reality because if you only live on that plane Earth is just the Bigot Planet. So I agree that a good inner life is absolutely vital to one's mental tranquility and inward well being.

I wonder if I could get away with keeping faeries on my shoulder in this backward burg where I dwell? It ain't the Emerald City, you know.

Uncle 2012 said...

Hide'em in your pocket. Faeries are like cats that way. They like warm snugly places.