Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Get the Picture?"

"Martians come back to finish the job!"

As good Comrad Bodmin reminds us in the comments to "Nuke over Brooklyn". The so-called "Freedom Towers" are nowhere to be seen. $Hundreds of Millions$ have been spent for nothing.

'But hey,'on. Business is business.

What have we got after seven years? 'Besides "Viet-Nam II", and the hatred of the whole world against us. What we 'got' is a damp, rusting hole in the ground with pipes connecting nothing to nothing. This being guarded by a couple of construction workers, and the now, and then passing cop.

Don't get me wrong the guys were cool. I asked them when the damned Tower was going up. They laughed. They had no idea. All they knew was they were still getting union scale. Which is good considering how many are losing their jobs these

That's right "millions" with an 'M' at da beginning!

The guy on the right said that they removed the "Freedom Tower" corner stone about a year ago. He thinks it's in storage at some mafia hauling company's garage in Queens somewhere. Also the 'time capsule' within it was lost or stolen.

So much for our 9/11 memorial to the fallen.

I did a post like this last summer, and the winter before that. The identical was going on. Namely nothing. Money runs this town. Big money. As soon as all of the major players get their 'cut' the Towers will go up

Till then we can all go fuck ourselves.

Stay Tuned.


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sidneylann995 said...

Like I say either put up an amusement park or pave it over, and forget about it.

One or the other of these would be better than that open ignored wound we have now.