Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"NASA is 50!"

Happy birthday you incompetent bastards. Yeah ya went to da moon, but the glory ended there. That was 40!,...four oh!, years ago. Since then you've been a dumping ground for unimaginative wonks, and bean counters.

How many more astronauts you gonna kill with that frigg'n 30 year old shuttle. We should have had two new generations of upgraded spaceplanes by now. However thanks to you, and your pals the republicans we're still in near earth orbit driving around in '56 Studebaker's.

Okay the robotic planetary explorations are cool, and Hubble,...which you want to dump into the sea is the best thing humanity has ever done,..no thanks to you.

So happy birthday you murdering rat bastards. I hope there's trials one day for all the shuttle crews you've killed.

I know there's no aliens on ice. Because if you had anything to do with it they'd have defrosted, and spoiled years ago. ...now that I think of it that's probably exactly what happened.

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