Friday, July 25, 2008

"I hear they're burning these"

There was a short piece on the CBC news about Obama posters, and assorted election junk being burned by skin heads in Maryland. Also reports of this in other states as well.

Dumb, that stuff might be valuable collectors items one day. Gawd didn't invent ebay for her health ya know.

Anyhow they only folks pissed off at Obama are the extremes of the left, and right,..and yeah the old guard of the Civil Rights movement. The latter because if he's elected these seat warmers, bigots, and assorted old farts are out of a job.

As for them other gumba's Obama is their worst nightmare come true. For the nazi's it's the final evidence that this ain't a white mans country anymore. For pals of Fidel it vaporizes their whole humorless, heartless, stalinoid vision of revolution.

However for the rest of us that live check to check, and sleep on a friend's couch,...well. There may now be a sub-atomic particle of a chance for a life with dignity one day.

(Click on posters to enlarge them.)


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