Thursday, July 3, 2008

"This just in!"

According to the BBC the whole 9/11 "Freedom Tower" shebang has been scrapped. This would explain nothing happening down there for the last few years. They have no idea what they're going to put up on the site or exactly when. The project is mired in financial politics.

Dates like 2012 through 2020 have been variously mentioned for another try at ground breaking.


Look why not put up an amusement park, and call it a job done. The City could certainly use one. We could call it "Terrorville" or "Osamaland".

Hell I would go all the time. They could put up one of those monster roller coasters. Ya know the 500 foot kind that gives you a zero "g" effect on the down slope. This would make a cool replacement for the almost completely evaporated Coney Island.


Bodmin said...

One advantage of living in exile, aside from the obvious one of not living in the belly of the beast, is being on top of news sources that tell the truth about stuff like this that American sources don't mention.
Like, I'll also bet Fox News and CNN haven't told you good folks that you're getting your butt kicked all over in Afghanistan. More 'Coalition' soldiers killed there last month than in Iraq. Highest one month casualties since the invasion.
So, for America's national holiday, some words from Rudyard Kipling to reflect on between the burgers and hot dogs. (He knows whereof he writes: his country got its butt kicked by the Afghans three times...):
"When you're wounded and left on Afghanistan's plains/
And the women come out to cut up what remains/
Just roll to your rifle and blow out your brains/
And go to your Gwad like a soldier."
Happy Fourth!

sidneylann995 said...

"...and go to G-d like a soldier"

They don't call that shithole the "Grave Yard of Empires" for nothing.

I should make clear though comrad that the Afgan portion of this nightmare is the only place where we have honest dips.

It 'is' Talibanland after all, and is where we should have turned the ground to green glass seven years ago.

'Back then, immediate 9/11, we would have 'all' danced on their vaporized radio-active graves.

There was a overwhelming national unity for those few weeks that as an outsider now I don't think you can emotionally comprehend.

Think the U.S. in the weeks after Pearl Harbor.

Of course this amazing sense of family, unity,...and it was my friend. That's What it was. We all miss it too. Anyway it was used for evil purposes by the Bush administration.

Hell we would'a invaded Fiji if he told us we was so hyped.

As it is they, the Taliban, weren't the reason we went to war. After all so many of them fuckers was on "our" payroll, and "we" might need them again in Iran or Tukmenistan.

So we piss live away for nothing or almost nothing...

Yep that damned oil pipeline to the sea that our corporate owners have wanted for so many years.

It would only cost a few million ordinary lives so why not.

Remember what Jefferson said?

"As I know G-d is Just I tremble for my Country"

Nuff Said.