Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"I can't believe this shit!"

Right so I'm going nuts, and to top it all I seemed to have had a 'minor' stroke. Or what they call stress induced spasms. Basically my right hand curled up. I called 911, and the EMT guys came to the house, and treated me.

Not a 'real' stroke the nice lady in the bullet proof vest said. I lacked "potassium" sez she. I was "severely dehydrated" said the chinese guy, and "over stressed" said da brother.

'Have you noticed how most New York "EMT" crews in Brooklyn seemed to have been ethnically balanced with a slide rule?

Anyway I guess all that heavy labor on my house during this endless heatwave did me in. I was happily stripping, and re-puttying the windows. Humm, maybe I should'a worn a hat. Working for hours in direct sunlight at this laditude can be fatal in the summer.

"Fatal",...yeah next time go with the hat.

I almost forgot. When last I had symptoms like these. Dry heaves, dizziness, headaches, my fingers curving in on themselves, tunnel vision, confusion,...I couldn't remember what meds I took or my sister's full name.

The last

The last time I enjoyed these sensations I had maybe 'five grams' of cocaine in my system. Hey I didn't kid around back in the day. I did eightballs like popcorn. Man that was fun!

The only problem was sometimes you died, or almost did. I went to the border of death twice. 'Different both times, but the same aura. Dig it. I was at 'the' border of life, and death. Twice! No kidding, no bullshit.

Far out!

Well it looked like I was going again monday afternoon, but thanks to the N.Y.F.D medical techs I'm good as new. Basically I have to drink more water than I'm used to. I'm a senior citizen sort of. I'm nearly 60, and the guys, and gal told me I have to be 'much more' careful about the sun, and the heat.

Gee, I thought I was, but then they had a point. I wasn't drinking anything for hours at a time, 'and' working in the sun for most of the week, and weekend,...not good.

I learned my lesson.

Lots of water, and fruit. Heck, I've got a nice bowl of peach's, plumbs, and water mellon right next to the key board. I'm all set. Summer do your worst! I'm here to stay!

Btw, added to all that. I got a memo from my latest department head giving me crap over office bullshit.

Gimme a break.

I am absolutely 'too old' for that sort of noise, and so is he.

Btw, it's my Birthday.



Bodmin said...

Happy birthday!
No, I'm not being ironic. You do have something to celebrate. You've made it another year in this f'ing hostile and nasty world. Take better care of yourself, so you make it another.

Stan said...

Indeed Happy Birthday Sydney. I know what you mean by the EMT guys and gals. I had to call 911 when I felt that way a couple of summers ago. Only I made it all the way to the ER. They really helped me out that day. I almost had to call them back when I got the bill for $2600!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, now I feel bad.

I had no idea when your birthday is and what happened... I should check back here more often *sigh*

Good to hear your well, "kind of" fine again.

And belated: H├Ąppy Birthday .__.

a11ende said...

Dear Sydney,

Happy belated Birthday. My DSL has been out since July 3, and was only fixed today after TWO guys from the phone monopoly came and rewired new jacks from the central box in the building!... Please take care. The house project in the middle of a heat wave...